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Frightening speeds

Without doubt driving standards of a lot of motorists in this town are rapidly declining, especially when it comes to adhering to speed limits.

Because of cuts by the Government, you don’t ever see the police out on patrol dealing with this problem. Consequently, there is no law enforcement to deter motorists from exceeding the speed limit.

All across this town it’s happening all the time. The speed of some drivers is frightening especially in built up areas. Some people don’t seem to care anymore and give no consideration to the law or other drivers. In fact, I’ve even been overtaken while driving in 30mph zones on Greenbridge Road and Gypsy Lane. It’s outrageous, dangerous and needs to stop.

The Council has no speed cameras in operation. My understanding is that they were switched off to save money, simply because all fines received go directly to the Government rather than the Council’s coffers. If so, this needs to change, so that Council’s have them switched back on. If they did, I’m sure they’d receive much needed revenue from those breaking the law. I’m convinced that the only way to nip this epidemic in the bud is to hit motorists in the pocket. It would make them think twice about doing it again. More importantly, it would make our roads much safer than they currently are for everyone.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Swindon

EU is tyrannical

Reference the letters page on Thursday 18th October. Just wanted to say I agree entirely with the thoughts of Messrs Alan Spencer and Des Morgan, whilst I totally disagree with the comments made by Phil Eagle, in which he crows that we have had peace in Europe due to the EU.

What utter nonsense. Peace in Europe was brought about by the Americans and ourselves at the conclusion of WW2, and peace was maintained by the creation of NATO. In point of fact the so called leaders of the EU have been tyrannical in the way they are ensconced in their “Featherbedded” positions of power. There is certainly no trace of democracy in the way they run the EU totally for their own personal benefit. Why do they have duty free shops within the HQ in Brussels? Surely they are paid extremely high salaries, they can afford to pay the duty on whatever they purchase. Much more easily than all the inhabitants of the Greater Europe as envisioned by Germany.

We, the British have done the wrong thing. We should have left the day we signed article 50. Just walked away from it.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

It’s time to man up

Due to some oversensitivity by some people who have nothing better to do, I see that Kleenex are no longer going to produce Man Size Tissues! It begs the question, ‘Will I still be able to obtain Men’s Handkerchiefs. Will certain men and ladies who have some problems still be able to obtain ‘Tena Lady’ and Tena Men’ protective underwear?

I suppose they will add to certain products, ‘Suitable for LGBT individuals’.

On another subject, there is also the issue of people not letting their children watch some Disney films. Children will not be harmed or think that way unless the parent or others, makes the suggestion. This scenario comes to mind, ‘I know I am very sick in hospital Grandad, but you are not allowed to kiss me better’.

Just my personal opinion though, as the mind set of many people these days leaves a lot to be desired. Putting problems where none exist!

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

Sorry Jeff

I feel I owe Jeff Adams an apology. I criticised the Socialist system without really researching it properly. I found out that countries like Canada, Sweden, Finland etc operate a version of Socialism and have a very high standard of life. My bad.

Roger Lack, North Swindon

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