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Health comes first

It has been reported both in the SA and on local radio recently regarding the problems that residents of this town have had of trying to book appointments with their respective doctors’ surgeries, so it came as no surprise to read of Terry Reynolds’ plight, “Disgraceful situation”, SA letters page.

Both myself, Mark, and my brother Martin have experienced problems trying to book an appointment on behalf of our father at his doctor’s surgery. Martin tried a couple of times only to be told that he was 66th in the queue.

I tried only to be told after pressing the option required by a recorded message that “something went wrong.” Needless to say we both gave up eventually after several attempts with no luck. Martin decided to take a half hour walk after work to the doctor’s surgery to book an appointment.

I think I’m right in saying that the company who run this system are based in Manchester. I’m probably right in thinking that as usual it is all about money, and the service and more importantly the well-being of people are bottom of the list.

Mark Webb, Old Town, Swindon

Nothing to be scared of

Channel 4 Live ‘What the Country Really Thinks’ has today revealed what most sensible thinking people already know, that given an opportunity to vote on the real facts rather than the referendum hype from both sides, they would choose to remain in the EU (EA 7th Nov).

I have put this question regularly in print and verbally to many brexiteers and I have never had a straight answer, so on behalf of the 16 million or so of us who voted to stay in the EU 3 years ago, let me try once more.

Leavers rely on the shock, wafer thin majority that set this ball rolling and quote ad nauseam to me and anyone else who will listen “The Will of the People”. Why then are they scared witless, so frightened, so terrified, of letting these very same people democratically say a final no to Europe? In doing this they remove uncertainty and demonstrate to me, I6 million other UK citizens, 700,000 on London streets and even Channel 4, that there is indeed an informed majority now prepared to leave the EU.

But no, the inane “You want best of three then” is their only retort as they steadfastly refuse to answer this very simple question.

I suggest that when they woke up on June 24th they couldn’t believe their luck. They had cleverly welded a constituency of the elderly, who harked back to the days of Empire, old soldiers who’ve never forgotten European conflicts, racists whose views are not worth perpetuating here, a few who genuinely believed shared sovereignty was unacceptable but mostly a swathe of people who felt disempowered, disadvantaged, were fed up with the Establishment, with politics and especially politicians and seized on this opportunity to take a king-size kick at the system!

The leavers are now certain they could not pull off this charade a second time, so in the proud tradition of despotic dictators everywhere it’s “One Vote Once”.

So come on Des Morgan and others, you claim to be democrats, if you are so keen on the “will of the people” why are you all so terrified of letting the same, now far better informed populace, speak? It’s a fair question.

John Stooke, Haydon End, Swindon

Sensible parking plan

Now is the time for our councillors to unite and show they care about our town centre and the traders who are continuing to serve the customers despite very difficult conditions.

1) Give free parking for the first two hours in the four multi-storey car parks (two at Brunel, Whalebridge and Fleming Way) until January 31, and/or free parking from 3pm to 8pm.

2) In conjunction with McArthurGlen introduce a park and ride for the outlet shopping centre from Wroughton park and ride, Kimmerfields and other appropriate sites until January 31.

Derek Richards, Swindon

Moving tribute

A huge thank you and well done to everyone involved in the remembrance exhibition at St Augustine’s Church in Rodbourne.

From the thousands of poppies hanging overhead, made by Even Swindon schoolchildren, the poppies cascading over the font and high altar, knitted by Rodbourne history group, to the “there but not there” life size silhouetttes of missing soldiers, sitting in the body of the church, the overall effect was breathtaking. A very poignant memorial that will stay with me for a long time. A super community effort.

Sue Hodey, Sedgebrook, Liden, Swindon

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