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Safe rather than sorry

Residents concerns over the siting of the 15 metre high phone mast on Redhouse Way left me contemplating the possible dangers posed by a similar mast situated on Hall Close, Wroughton, “Parents concerned by new phone mast” (SA November 8).

Residents adjacent to the Redhouse Way Mast have concerns about its close proximity to Red Oaks Primary School, Abbey Park School, Uplands School and a play park. They also claim they were not informed about its installation.

Some time ago a similar mast was installed on Hall Close, Wroughton, and I spoke to a number of people who were surprised by its sudden appearance. I assume a structure of this size must require planning permission and presume its installation would have taken place with the agreement of elected members, both parish and borough.

The mast on Hall Close is situated adjacent to the former Wroughton library building. This building is now used by the Tick Tock Playgroup so there is an obvious comparison with the location of the Redhouse Way mast being next to schools.

The siting of phone masts often creates a lot of controversy. It only requires a quick look online to see just how much concern there is. There are numerous allegations of the dangers to health caused by these structures.

It is claimed there are illness clusters linked to the location of phone masts. People living close to these masts claim to have witnessed increases in cancer, anxiety, nausea, tiredness and depression.

Scientists tell us the human body carries out its various functions by using microelectronic signals. So it seems logical that a powerful external electronic signal could influence and affect the functioning of our various bodily activities.

In the past cigarette smoking was seen as a normal thing to do and was even recommended by some doctors. This analogy poses a question. How much do we really know about the influences of phone masts?

Swindon has large rural areas so wouldn’t it have been prudent to take the precaution of locating these masts in wide open spaces, ie the corner of a field? Surely it would be better to be safe than sorry.

Mr K Kane, Wharf Road, Wroughton

Health nightmare

Having read about 5G I would implore Swindon Council to reconsider. This is a negative health nightmare and an assault on humanity.

5G causes biological harm, the millimetre microwave radiation pollution causes cancer, brain tumours, diabetes, heart disease, oxidative stress, miscarriage, suicide, infertility and hair loss to name just some of the effects. It is reckless and contravenes many international laws and treaties. Also the transmitters have to be every 300 metres and as they work by line of sight thousands of trees would have to be cut down. We need to challenge this.

Linda Croucher, Eldene, Swindon

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