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Can’t get on the ladder

An article in the Advertiser (Nov 24) said that Swindon was in the top ten worst areas for house price affordability.

Swindon people aged 29 on good incomes are taking six years to save up for a 15 per cent deposit.

While people on low incomes had no chance at all of ever saving up for a deposit.

The alternative of getting a council house was getting harder and harder.

Many council houses have been sold off. Swindon now has fewer council houses than it had in 2011.

The working class are being pushed into the expensive private rented sector as the only alternative now that buying a house is beyond their reach.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Plans need backing

We now have a situation where the Leader of our Council is as delusional as the Prime Minister.

Having recently read his column in the Adver he, like Mrs May, is so enthusiastic about his plans. These are of course a little less important for the country but are I am sure of interest to Swindonians.

Just like Mrs May he presents them as a sort of fait accomplis. You might think he learnt after the debacle over his proposed museum and art gallery. But no, delusional as ever. We have all these plans for our town, but as I see it the roads are still full of potholes and in urgent need of some TLC.

Is this a case of the same idea as Mrs May? Keep telling them how good it is and how lucky they are to have someone like this looking after the country/town. Keep telling them and they won’t notice how bad things are getting or even remember what they originally told you .

It’s all very well having grandiose plans but you still need the money and backing of the people to carry them out.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

A simple idea

With reference to your article SA 22 November concerning the Moonrakers roundabout, as a regular user of this junction I have had plenty of waiting there to think of a solution to this problem.

The north to south traffic holds up the east to west traffic by blocking their exit. I concluded that a simple yellow ‘keep clear’ box painted on the road covering the three lanes exiting Beechcroft Road would allow Beechcroft traffic to travel west and north.

I have written to the council about this but they have not responded. Perhaps my idea is too simple and inexpensive that they will not consider it.

CJW Bright, Spur Way, Upper Stratton, Swindon

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