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Work is dragging on

I was surprised to read Cllr Maureen Penny’s comments in the paper regarding the roadworks at Greenbridge and Mannington roundabouts being completed on time.

From a quick search of the Swindon Advertiser’s excellent online archive I was able to find articles with Swindon Council spokespersons saying that Greenbridge roundabout roadworks will take eight months from March 2016 and cost £4m. It was actually finished in February 2017 and ended up costing over £5m.

Mannington roundabout works were started on the 20th August this year and the signs stated the work would take 10 weeks. That suggests finishing at the end of October. I’m writing this on the last day of November and work is still ongoing.

I notice that the signs saying that the work will take 10 weeks have been removed.

I trust that Cllr Penny will reply to explain exactly how the Mannington project “is on target”.

Yours sat waiting in traffic.

Jim Robbins, Councillor for Mannington & Western Ward

Selfish parking

I would like to add my name to the very selfish parking at Lydiard Millicent.

I find if you happen to go through a t the wrong time of day, then you have to run the gauntlet of getting through, when you can only use one side of the road.

This I feel needs double yellow lines and an occasional police check with a fine or two to keep this road open.

The elected representatives should take a strong line on this issue.

Roy Small, Haydon Wick, Swindon

Battling loneliness

What is your least favourite thing about Christmas? For many of us it’s Brussels sprouts, corny Christmas songs or horribly busy shops.

However for nearly a million older people, their least favourite thing about the festive period is feeling alone, saying that loneliness and social isolation become one of their most prominent worries across the festive period.

That’s why my charity, The Abbeyfield Society, started Companionship at Christmas; our annual drive to both highlight and alleviate this issue by encouraging our houses and homes in Wiltshire to offer free festive activities, hot meals and friendship.

So if you, or a friend or relative, might be alone this Christmas please know there is always somewhere to go.

We would be absolutely delighted to welcome you in across the advent period to spend time with residents, meet the staff and get involved in the events and activities taking place. We’re always looking for volunteers to help spread the festive cheer too.

Do check out our website, to find out more.

David McCullough, Chief Executive, The Abbeyfield Society

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