Traffic lights controlling access to one of Swindon's major roundabouts should be turned off at night.

That's the opinion of a parish councillor who says many residents in Stratton St Margaret agree that the lights on Greenbridge Roundabout are not needed after peak hours.

Coun Barrie Jennings, who has also stood for the Labour party in borough council elections in the area, said: "There are two types of traffic lights. The ones that control access onto the roundabout, and the ones that control cars going round the roundabout.

"What people say to me is that in the evenings and at night, they will be stopped by the lights getting onto the roundabout when there's little traffic there. And then they'll sit for five minutes at the lights on the roundabout itself and it can be very frustrating."

Mr Jennings said that he agrees the lights are needed during busy times, but can't see the need after about 7.30pm.

He said: "They are useful, and it means you can get onto the roundabout during those times, in whichever direction you're going - if you're to the right of traffic coming from the dual carriageway it can be difficult.

"But that busy period is normally over by 7pm, so if they were turned off at 8pm it would be totally safe to do so. And then it would just operate as a normal roundabout - you'd have to change the road markings to say 'give way to the right'. But it works just fine at the Bruce Street Bridges roundabout, and it would work fine here."

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “There are a number of pedestrian crossings surrounding Greenbridge Roundabout and these are linked to the traffic lights on the junction itself. It would not be safe for pedestrians if all the lights were turned off during off-peak periods.

"However, there are vehicle sensors operating at the junction and these help to improve traffic flow when traffic is light, extending the amount of time that the lights are on green.”

Major work on Greenbridge roundabout was completed last year at a cost of £5.3 million.