If the developers of a new housing estate in Wroughton want to be allowed to drop the requirement to build a pedestrian crossing of a busy road, then they’ll have to prove that would be safe, say ward councillors.

Linden Homes has requested permission to drop the condition to build a crossing on Swindon Road in the village from the estate it’s building - called The Grange - on land around Berkeley Farm.

After getting consent at a planning appeal, the company was given the condition it had to construct a pedestrian crossing - but now it says the crossing it’s made across the site's entrance is sufficient.

Wroughton ward councillor Cathy Martyn is not happy.

She said: “To get to any amenities in the village at all, you have to cross the main road up to Swindon - to get to the school the doctors, to the shops or library, there’s no option.

“It’s a very busy road and there’s a couple of island crossings, which we don’t think are safe enough.

“If you’re going to the secondary or junior school. they also put you on the wrong side of Perry’s Drive. There’s a zebra crossing on that road, but it’s past where you want to go, if you’re heading to the schools. You have to walk further out of your way. We know that people don’t do that, they tend to take the short way.”

Coun Martyn said that Linden has made representations to the council that a crossing isn’t needed on safety grounds.

She said: “Putting aside the fact that Linden agreed to the crossing when it was granted permission, if they want to be allowed to drop the crossing I think they need to get an assessment by an independent road safety consultant that it’s safe. I think the onus is on Linden to prove it’s safe not to have the crossing.”

Lee Griffin, Technical Director at Linden Homes Thames Valley said: “We are currently in dialogue with both the local planning authority and highway authority regarding the pedestrian crossing nearby our The Grange development in Wroughton. Following these discussions, it is evident that a pedestrian crossing may be possible across Swindon Road at a location to be agreed with the local authority highway officer.”