Campaigners in South Marston are leafleting houses reminding neighbours of the appeal hearing about building an incinerator for rubbish in the area.

Waste disposal company Rolton Kilbride was refused planning permission by Swindon Borough Council last year but has taken the matter to appeal.

Now local group SKIP (Stop Keypoint Incinerator Project) is trying to mobilise local opinion.

“I’ve had teams out leafleting in all the areas around the Keypoint site,” said local resident and committee member Maureen Dilley. She added: “The plans have

been out of the news for a long time now.”

“There was a huge sigh of relief when the plans were turned down,” said parish councillor and SKIP member Barrie Jennings, “but not everyone realises that the developers launched an appeal six months later. They could still get the go-ahead, if they win.”

The group is hoping that people will turn up to the hearings to be held at STEAM,

expected to last about two weeks, starting on January 22.

Chairman Robert Ayres said. “If not many people turn up the danger is that the Planning

Inspector will assume no-one minds. We are optimistic of getting a good turn-out but we’re not taking anything for granted. You can’t have too many people turn up.”

Rolton Kilbride says the incinerator will burn fuel made of the "surfeit" of industrial and commercial waste and says it will come from both Swindon and outside the area.