Three hundred houses will be built on land in south Swindon originally earmarked for a business park.

And the homes to be built by developers Redrow Homes and Persimmon Homes will become an extension to the hundreds of houses already built, or being built at the Badbury Park development.

But while borough councillors, who voted to approve the scheme, and parish councillors were not in opposition, there are concerns about noise for residents near the M4 and A419

The agent for the plans James Walker of Pegasus Planning which has an office in Cirencester, told the planning committee. This land was originally approved for a business park, but it is clear there is no reasonable prospect of the plot being developed for employment use after four years on the market."

Mr Walker said that reports showed that useing the land for 300 houses instead would actually cut traffic to the site compared to the expected traffic if it had vbecome an industrial site.

Coun Fionuala Foley, who sits on the committee and is also a ward councillor for the area said: "I went to thge entirety of the public consultation session when this plan was first proposed, and spoke to all the residents who attended. Many of them didn't know the site had approval for a business park, which was disappointing. But I asked them all which they'd prefer, the park or housing and the overwheklming majority wanted the housing - they felt it would be less disruptive."

But noise from the roads is a concern to South Swindon Parish Council.

Its deputy chairman of planning, Coun Patrick Herring told the committee: "We are not against this development in principle but we do have some concerns."

Coun Herring said it was important that proposed noise-deflecting piles of earth, or bunds, were effective, and said noise studies showed the areas of the development area , bounded by the motorway and dual carriageway, received noise equivalent to a washing machine on a full spin cycle.

He said the council was also concerned about children crossing Day House Lane to get to play areas and sports pictches, and crossing should be built to serve the "desire paths" of people going to those facilities.

Coun Foley praised the developers for planning extensive play facilities, including a games area, a proper sports pitch, a "teenage shelter" and a walking and fitness trail with outdoors gym equpment such as pull-up bars wrapping around the south of thre site.

But, she said: "Residents in the existing estate are still waiting for their play areas - there isn't enough room to have a kickabout. So please get on with that."