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Heartwarming quote

I have only had two letters published in the Swindon Advertiser but your report and pictures (Nativity brought to life) on December 10 prompted me to write again.

Ankur Sengupta, who played Joseph in the nativity, said: “It makes me think about people like Mary and Joseph and people in Syria today, but the world needs more love, empathy and understanding.”

There are several correspondents to the SA who need to heed those three words; Love, Empathy and Understanding. Endorsing those three words could make those correspondents’ lives a whole lot happier.

W Thomas, Ferndale Road, Swindon

I was not defeated

In response to my letter relating to the inactivity of Justin Tomlinson MP he has replied on December 13th with inaccuracies.

I was both a Highworth Town and Thamesdown District councillor for many years also serving as the town’s mayor. I was certainly not defeated by the electorate of Highworth but decided not to defend my seats to enable me to spend more time with my family. That fact can be confirmed by the documented electoral records available to the public.

In his response he claims that ‘unnamed’ Labour party activists have apologised for my behaviour but it is essential to point out that my letter did not make any reference to the Labour party and my own contribution is entirely separate from any party influence.

Derrick Bye, Thresher Drive, Swindon

We’re not stupid

I thought parking charges in Swindon town centre were increased to help clean up the dirty stinking car parks and to rid them of the homeless sleeping there. As usual a pack of lies by the council to improve income. I’m sure councillors think we are stupid.

Sylvia Laver, Northfield Way, Swindon

Well done, David

Thursday was the last question time chaired by David Dimbleby, and it was good.

I am not his biggest fan, however he did his best and you cannot ask more of a man than that. Impartial? Some of the time no doubt.

Other times I believe his left wing approach broke through.

His panel was very good for the last of his shows. David Davis I have a lot of time for, Jo Brand brought a little humour to the programme, the young lady politician from the Labour Party has much more sense than Jeremy Corbyn. Some of her ideas were great and worth considering. The other Tory politician was I believe just toeing the party line, something that David Davis has never done.

The one that got right up my nose was the Green Party politico. My God doesn’t she talk?

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Support available

No matter the time of year, spending time with your family and loved ones is always important - even more so over the Christmas period.

This year, more than one million people in the UK are expected to be supporting a loved one who has a terminal illness, during what could be their last Christmas together.

Caring for a loved one can be a rewarding experience but many of your readers will also feel overwhelmed and isolated.

They may also be facing the challenge of trying to make Christmas a magical, happy time for young children while also providing care for their husband, wife, mother or father.

That’s why we want people to know that the Marie Curie support line is available for families who don’t know where to turn and need extra support this Christmas.

Marie Curie’s helpline provides free and confidential emotional support about any aspect of terminal illness, as well as offering help with bereavement.

If your readers are in need of support then Marie Curie is here for them. Please let them know they can contact us, for free, on 0800 090 2309.

The Support Line open hours are: 22 December (11am-5pm); 23 December (11am- 5pm); 24 December (10am-4pm); 25-26 December (10am-2pm); 27-28 December (8am-6pm); 29 December (11am-5pm); 30 December (11am-5pm); 31 December (10am -4pm); 1 January (10am-2pm)

Additionally, our trained Support Line Officers are also on hand via our online chat service at

Lyndsay Cassidy, South West Regional Manager, Marie Curie

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