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Why travel so far?

I have a question to ask all the pro European Disunion bleeding heart open border zealots. Do not get me wrong on this one - I like most of my fellow country men and women have for centuries welcomed genuine refugees from all over the world. If I was a genuine refugee I would be happy to put my feet firmly in the safety of the first democratic country I set foot in. Wouldn’t you?

But why would you not claim asylum and security of tenure and travel across Europe, passing through many safe countries to get to the British Isles, risking your life on the English Channel in midwinter, unless you had an alternative motive, rather than a desperate plea for sanctuary and safety? I will leave the readers to come to their own conclusions on that one.

To add to that, billions of pounds spent on foreign aid from borrowed future tax payers money. Potholes at a record level in Britain. Hospital waiting times and doctor appointments as well as a massive closure of care homes for the elderly at crisis level. Many of a few of numerous disgraceful financial cuts to the needy. Our rail travel essential to many commuters essential to our economy. An absolute disgrace in crowded carriages and extortionate fares and reliability. While our so called superiors in charge line their pockets with our money.

Finally, the highest ranking police officer in Britain playing the scare tactic game regarding leaving the European Disunion, when she cannot even control the streets of our capital city. What is that old saying regarding look after your own? The rest of them do.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way

Covingham, Swindon

Bus station is a priority

A recent trip to Gloucester has shown me what a good go-ahead council can achieve. Gloucester has a superb new bus station completely under cover. There are well cleaned toilets and screens showing all the bus arrivals and departures .

On the same day, I came back to Swindon bus station in the evening. It’s dark , dismal and has filthy toilets with purple lights to stop the drug using community, which seem to use it a lot.

The council’s number one priority should be to replace this shabby and dirty bus station. We do not really need a snow dome either because that is just a five minute wonder.

Swindon council should sort its priorities. Someone decided to spend close to £5 million on the Greenbridge roundabout. They even put pretty lights on top of the weeds in the middle. But driving around it is a gamble every time and the exit to the shopping centre gets blocked because it can not take more than four cars in the exit lane. It’s a total mess.

All of the political parties in Swindon have failed and we are left with a massive pension deficit which is draining funds from council tax payers and not much else to show for it.

The worry is that very little will improve in 2019.

Andy Bright


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