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Unjustified attack

In a letter from Des Morgan to the Swindon Advertiser (05/01) he suggests that PC Lou Kuklinski has ‘personal prejudices’ when it comes to tackling sexual exploitation in Swindon.

Doing what it takes to reduce crime is central to the duty of the sworn constable. It is what we expect them to do. It does not turn police officers into social workers, not that there is anything wrong with social work.

And I fail to see how referring to a kerb-crawler as a punter makes an officer less than impartial. Given the effect this crime has on individual communities and young families, the term is about as neutral as you can get.

And when it comes to deciding what action to take, all police officers have a discretion.

That is one of the factors that makes the police forces in this country so special.

Exploiting those at their most vulnerable is abhorrent, and the police undertake a substantial amount of work, alongside partner organisations, to address the root of this issue and I will not apologise for this approach.

I do not like to see any officer being singled out in this way, especially one who is working so hard to deliver the service that is expected by our Chief Constable and I, which is fully in line with the Police and Crime Plan which sets out the Force’s priorities.

That is particularly so when the attack is completely unjustified.

Angus Macpherson, Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon

They are refugees

Can I point out to Steve Halden that the ‘migrants’ whom he refers to in the letter (Taken by surprise, Swindon Advertiser, Jan 2nd) are human beings fleeing wars and persecution from Iraq, Syria and Iran and are therefore defined as refugees?

I’m quite surprised that Steve Halden who stood as the UKIP candidate in the Swindon South constituency in the 2016 general election appears unable to differentiate between migrants and refugees.

Martin Webb, Swindon Road, Old Town, Swindon

Not very sociable

I am not a person who contributes to the aspects of Social Media. Although it has many benefits, I find that I can manage my life without it.

However, during a chat today, a local resident stated that she looked for my letters to the ‘Adver’ and the responses etc, on the Social Media.

She said that, it may be a good thing for me not to indulge in Social Media as some of the remarks made to me, especially after one of my letters on Brexit would have got me on my ‘high horse’ with responses that only I am able to deliver.

On that basis, the people who hide behind Social Media to make adverse comments, instead of penning an appropriate response to the ‘opinion’ page of the Adver are really the cowardly sort who have not the wherewithal to respond with intelligence through the proper media.

They are in fact, people who unfortunately have a thing called stunted mental growth of which there is no known cure.

The only advice I can give, is to say, (no matter what a person’s opinion is) that we all have our views and who is to say that we are either right or wrong.

If you have a different view then make it known with your name etc, to the opinion page of our Adver.

At 76, I am never worried how my opinion affects anyone else although I try to see and appreciate that they have an opinion.

In reality, as far as Social Media is concerned, I don’t see it and I really couldn’t care less

Happy New Year to all, no matter what your views!

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

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