CORSHAM couple Beata and Pawel Bienias have had the year of their lives, after Beata lost five stone in weight, had fertility treatment, then gave birth to three babies at once.

Beata, 36, had depaired of ever being a mum because of her health issues - primarily polycystic ovaries.

"I spent many days thinking that maybe I was the person who would never have a baby," she said. "There were lots of tears and depression."

Beata tried lots of diets but nothing worked - and at the end of a long day working 12 hours in a factory, she says she lacked the energy for complicated cooking. But she was advised that losing weight would help her fertility so she signed up with weight loss consultant Jackie Beckett of the Cambridge Weight Plan - and lost five stone in six months.

All was now ready for the first round of IVF. One embryo was implanted but what her fertility consultant didn’t know was that Beata was already just pregnant - with twins!

"When we had the first scan, to check if I was pregnant, the nurse asked my husband if he wanted to sit down," Beata recalled. "She told us there were three babies! it was unbelievable!"

The couple was warned they might lose one of the babies, but the pregnancy progressed smoothly. Beata had support from the Royal United Hospital in Bath and NHS experts in Bristol, before have a Caesarian section at the RUH on December 13 when the pregnancy had reached 34 weeks.

She had two daughters and a son - Amelia, Matylda and Borys. After seven days, she went home and enlisted the help of mum Alice to care for the three newborns.

Beata said she, Pawel and Alice made a good team caring for their new family - and she did manage to get some sleep.

It's a dream come true for the new parents - and now Beata is planning to be a weightloss consultant too.