THEY gelled, they chatted and have promised to support each other's unique careers.

Rockley para-equestrian Alison Fryer and adventurer and professional falconer Guy Simmons from Magor, Wales, met up last week as her stables near Marlborough for a chat.

For Guy it was on a stop-off on his planned solo journey by Land Rover from Wales to Mongolia to raise money for three charities and to document his journey and meetings along the way by film. His mission is also to fly falcons from horseback in the Mongolian countryside before returning.

With that in mind he met Alison to learn more about the riding and the disciplines required. He also wanted to share stories with her of their unusual careers.

Alison said: "We got on really well and it was a lovely day. For me it was something different as it was an opportunity to meet Guy and talk about riding and his journey.

"We gelled immediately and I will be following his progress and keeping in contact as he will be on his own on his journey and it is important he has support from people and be part of his adventure."

With wifi, the internet and mobile phones she hopes they can stay in contact throughout his travels which may last several months. Once he returns Guy plans to edit all of his interviews and film clips to make a documentary.

He will also raise money through sponsorship for Bipolar Uk, Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony and Project Lugger.

"I've agreed to meet up with him at some stage in Europe although there is no date yet as his timeline is very open at the moment," she said. "I hope he will also be part of my journey and take an interest in my career giving mutual support."

The para dressage rider said that Guy had shown total respect for the horses and listened to the instructions from Alison, her coach and groom.

These included notes on the importance of spending time and bonding with the horse, taking care in mounting and dismounting. and the importance of working on posture.

Guy said: "It was a privilege to meet Alison and her horses. We take for granted as able bodied riders that we can learn to ride as we can use our legs. It was a humbling experience, and it was good to learn from her about the disciplines involved."

Next up for Alison is the National Winter Championships at Myrescough Equestrian Centre, near Preston, next month, along with qualifying for events later this year.

Guy's fundraising page is at