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Society is not so evil

The Webb brothers wrote to oppose the demonisation of and frequent racist attacks on sections of our community and drew attention to how Muslims are victims of this disease.

Jeff Adams writes to say their argument can’t be legitimate unless they provide a list of names and dates where racists have backed such attacks. What a ludicrous proposition. Mr Adams writes that if the Webbs don’t provide such a list, they must be guilty of wishful thinking, although his argument doesn’t touch on what he thinks they must be wishing for.

Mr Adams has form here. His views are so twisted by hatred that he sees evil powers lurking everywhere, from childish involvement in Halloween to any diversity in society. His letter even finds charitable works, when done by Muslims, as an opportunity for whining complaint.

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

Red light action needed

I enjoy watching police crime series, with from top to bottom ranking police officers catching criminals. Without law and order we descend into anarchy.

Our police force is the best in the world in my opinion. They risk their lives on a daily basis. I have been told from a reliable source, now deceased, that his son was a police officer and had to wear a stab proof vest before being allowed to take up his duties.

Des Morgan wrote an articulate and informed letter regarding the police Grand Poo Baa’s - I think his name is Anguishes, or something similar - remarks on Swindon’s red light area. Angus replied with political correct nonsense. He should take stock and think of the residents in that area with wives and teenage daughters being molested on a nightly basis.

He should take the appropriate action to end this disgrace in a residential area. which in my personal experience has been going on for 47 years in my adopted town.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Get behind the PM

Remember that old saying if a politician will not look you straight in the eye when talking to you then he/she is lying?

Well from the farce we have had to endure for the past two and half years it seems to me every time I see an MP on TV who’s opposed to Brexit you can never get a straight answer out of them, nor can any of them provide an alternative Brexit Deal.

Those same politicians in Parliament seem to me to be sticking their noses up at the general public and not doing what a majority winning vote told them to do and that instruction was to get the UK out of the shambles called the EU and not take it upon themselves to try and destroy this country by backstabbing the PM and trying to score brownie points with the Labour leader/Liberal leader and every other no-chance-of-becoming the Prime Minister leaders from all the other partyies.

Everyone of those same opposing MPs should be throwing their weight behind the PM and helping her to get the best deal possible because this country democratically voted to leave.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick, Swindon

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