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Work together

Such a shame that MPs do not have the business acumen to negotiate a deal that would have had a more favourable result for Brexit.

However, saying that, to negotiate against 27 other members would somewhat limit their response, obviously sending a message to any other member country, considering, life outside the EU.

I do believe that we will remain steadfast and leave by the end of March, in unison with the people’s vote.

But why oh why with such an important issue to be debated in the House of Commons the Government did not get a cross party to work together, and act upon the referendum result that the people chose, in leaving the EU?

That is something I agree with, to enable us to gain our own control in so many areas.

Nick Le Bosquet, Beatty Court, Old Town

Don’t blame Brexit

The results of the Local Business Survey show that 2018 closed with a reduction in export orders, this despite a very favourable exchange rate.

According to the Adver report “the uncertainty over Brexit was taking its toll” - which is a covert way of blaming Brexit for the fall; which is exactly what Jaguar Land Rover has attempted to do, but thankfully the people of Swindon are not so easily fooled.

The decision of JLR to move production to Croatia was made for two reasons. The first was the EU promoted subsidy of £110 million offered by the host country, the second was the cost savings JLR could make by employing Croatian nationals.

It matters not a jot to JLR that West Midland workers lose their jobs and there was nothing the UK Government could do to compete with the subsidy offered. Incidentally, if Croatia had not secured the JLR deal you can be assured the UK wouldn’t have retained JLR as they had tacitly agreed to move production to Mexico.

The reality of the market place is that if you have the right product and sell it for the right price, people will buy it. One business claims to have ‘lost all our existing EU customers’ to which one is bound to ask what on earth they sold and what made them so vulnerable?

As for the claim that 41 per cent of businesses interviewed couldn’t answer a simple yes or no on whether they were prepared for Brexit, surely that tells you more about why British businesses are in the state they are – failing to plan given that businesses have known for nearly three years that ‘changes would be necessary’ is an indictment on business not on Government.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Take responsibility

Parents (single parent, adoptive parents, foster parents and others inclusive) who have a child or children from age zero to three/five are responsible for their education.

A child or children spend their life/lives from birth to about two or three mostly at home and then till they go to Big School at four or five. This means that parents are really responsible to teach their child/children and implant positive memories. In today’s language “put correct data onto the child’s memory bank”. If you put “rubbish in” you will get “rubbish out”. The magic words “please” and “thank you” are a good start. Followed with the concepts of right and wrong are also essential. Spending time with them and above all loving and nurturing them.

When they go to day or full day schools, look after them and give them all the help you can.

Do not blame the school or teachers for not teaching your child social skills as parents did not implant these into your child/children. School is for educating children in academic subjects and preparing them to go out into the world and follow whatever field of work they want.

So think twice before you blame a school or teachers and think of what you failed to do when you had the chance.

Mr D N Simpson, Graham Street, Swindon

Set an example

I read with interest the recent article about increasing the number of police officers across Wiltshire to include Swindon. The proposal is being looked at by the Police Crime and Commissioner, Angus Macpherson.

The proposal is a monthly increase of £2, £24 per year. It may not seem a lot but to a number of residents it’s yet more money to find when generally bills increase, year on year.

I did look at Mr Macpherson’s profile,, and especially the expenses he has claimed whilst undertaking his role. I must point out that this information is readily available to the public and it certainly makes for interesting reading.

First of all, his salary is in excess of 70,000 per annum. While I accept he needs to move around in his role, both inside and outside the county, he seems to claim for absolutely everything from parking, taxi, rail fares etc.

Some of his petrol expense claims are, in my opinion, unbelievable. By this I mean the number of journeys by car where they are less than 10 miles in total.

I would suggest that any claim for a return journey less than 10 miles should be declined. I find it rich that he’s asking people to pay more money when he could help out by not claiming for such nominal values. The fact he does is, in my opinion, unacceptable.

Therefore, I would suggest that Mr Macpherson takes the lead and shows an example to others before asking the public to cough up more money.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Nythe

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