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Entitled to my opinion

Re Extremist views (Adver, M & M Webb 18/1/19). Apparently I should not have written a “right wing letter” to the Adver complaining about HMS Bulwark’s reduced role as a ferry service picking up illegal economic migrants (mainly young men) who have no right whatsoever to come here, taking up jobs and housing and increasing pressure on public services, and even bumping up crime rates because... it upsets the Webbs.

I fail to see how the above letter did “insult and snipe at the Muslim community.” If it has then why has no Muslim replied instead of the Webbs? How is the above comment “insulting?” It’s a ‘comment’ which is part of free speech. Got it?

The Webbs have not answered the question since there is no implied insult, much as though they’d love there to be one. Am I not entitled to my views as you are also? The Adver’s editor erases real insults, full stop.

So now Mark Webb is in charge of the Adver’s Corbyn Censure Socialist machine which deals with spurious socialists. Born with inbuilt lie detectors, all they have to do is scan an Adver letter and bingo! - they can tell if that correspondent is telling porkies.

Perhaps they were refering to my letter concerning the Muslim donation to the GWH? Just because the Webbs work themselves up into a frenzy over Muslim good causes, does that imply the rest of us must follow suit otherwise?

Last year Mr K Kane addressed the following advice to Mark Webb. “How is decent public debate possible when critical analysis immediately labelled offensive and sensible discussion, is stifled by sanctimonious authoritarians who say ‘ you are not allowed to say that.’”

Alas, it went unheeded Mr Kane.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

Plan is a failure

It would appear the “NIMBY” residents of Alexandra Park have reason to celebrate “Green field land saved from future development” (SA January 24).

Meanwhile, for those of us who reside in the central area of Wroughton it looks as if we can expect to see even more residential development. Gary Sumner, Swindon Borough Council’s cabinet member for strategic planning said “the council is hopeful land adjacent to Prospect Hospice could take more housing”.

This is yet another proposed development which is not shown on the Wroughton Neighbourhood Plan 2014-2026.

The Neighbourhood Plan was created by Wroughton Parish Council in conjunction with Vision for Wroughton and Alexandra Park Residents’ Association. It shows seven development proposals, with a total of 205 dwellings, situated in central Wroughton. However, since this plan was produced, planning permission has been granted for more than 240 dwellings at the additional locations of The Ivy Hotel, Berkley Farm and Marlborough Road.

Each new residential development puts greater pressure on existing services and infrastructure. The local roads become more congested, more health centre appointments are required and there is a need for more school places etc. With ever increasing development the solutions required to resolve associated problems become a necessity.

It is only the beginning of 2019 so the Wroughton Neighbourhood Plan still has seven more years to run. During that time, it seems to be anyone’s guess as to how many more additional residential developments will be granted planning permission.

At the consultation phase, Wroughton Parish Council claimed the Neighbourhood Plan was “very important for the future of Wroughton”. The plan was supposed to set out how he Parish of Wroughton would develop over 12 years from 2014 to 2026. Instead, it has proved to be a strategic failure which isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

Mr K Kane, Wharf Road, Wroughton

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