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Brexit voters? We don’t scare too easily

I have a concern. For many years we went our holidays to the south coast.

I crossed the Channel on the ferry to Boulogne and Cherbourg. What astonishes me is that during that period I have never once spotted a Nazi U-boat in the English Channel.

According to the Euro fearmongering zealots we are all going to starve to death or fall ill after a no deal on the 29th of March.

When the disunion cuts off our food and medical supplies. There were 36,749 men and women serving in the Merchant Navy that lost their lives bringing supplies to our island during the war. How do a bunch of overpaid Brussels pen pushers expect to do it?

Another leader of the fear campaign the creature Blair.

He states that we should leave these decisions to our MPs as us plebs have no ide of the issues involved.

Here is a man who cost thousands of lives in a conflict started on false information and got out just in time to line his pockets. Cameron another one by military intervention. Helped to start one of the largest influx of refugees into Europe in modern times. Nick Clegg another failed politician sitting in his seven million house in America.

Another example of MPs knowing better than us must be the childish antics. Bullying, shouting and insulting each other on a daily basis we all watch on TV from the Houses of Parliament.

When important decisions about this country’s future rest on their judgement and the trust we the electorate put in them. Or should I say did.

This fear campaign is an insult to our intelligence.They tried it before the referendum and it failed.The well-heeled establishment estimated at 10 per cent of the population, are beginning to panic and up the tempo now. How dare us plebs who create their wealth dare ask for a fairer share as well as the return of our sovereignty. Somebody should tell them we don’t scare easily.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Two-tier country

I read the piece on speed restrictions needed for Ogbourne St George and yes there is a monster list all over Swindon and Wiltshire where local residents are asking for help in keeping death off the road.

These same requests have been demanded for years but to no avail unless that is you have a royal personage living in your village or nearby. Take Prince Phillip’s accident. I believe it happened on a late afternoon time. But because it involved a member of the royal family, within 24 hours an emergency council meeting was held. And hey presto, speed restrictions agreed speed cameras will be installed, further speed restrictions to be implemented job done. But average Joe or Joan campaigning for speed restrictions that wait will go on for years. Who says it’s a not a two-tier country.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick, Swindon

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