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We’ll take a hit but it will be worth it

Patrick O’Shea, the biggest mistake the UK made was to join the EEC in the first place.

We were warned it would evolve into a superstate, and that membership would affect our legal system, but those points were ignored by budding Europhiles.

Ted Heath became determined to push the membership issue, regardless of cost, after De Gaulle blocked his request to join the EEC.

There was a cost. I am old enough to remember the beef mountains, butter mountains and milk lakes.

The EEC burned huge piles of beef, poured the milk down the drain, sold the butter off cheap to Russia. No thought of selling it off cheaply to member states, we had to pay full whack to keep the prices up.

On the June 7 2016, on an ITV program, David Cameron made the following statement to the audience: “This vote is for you the people, not the politicians.” I hold him to that. Leave won, butt out politicians, just honour the referendum result.

Patrick, name the lies that leave politicians made.

They said it would be easy to leave. So it should have been, the PM has complicated the whole process by trying to please the EU rather than telling them our “red lines” and getting THEM to offer deals that work around those red lines.

More money for the NHS? If we don’t leave the EU there won’t be any extra money for the NHS.

We are the ones leaving, and taking our money (£39 billion) with us if there is no deal!

The truth is we probably will take a hit at first, but if companies are clever enough to work around UK Tax laws to minimise their tax liability, I feel confident they will quickly fix new trade agreements throughout the world.

Alan Spencer, Swindon

Let’s get on with it!

I tuned into BBC 2 at 7pm for the programme, Live from Westminster. What a shambles!

I was born before the Second World War and the thought went through my head that if this lot had been here then, Hitler would not have thought about invading, he could have put his troops on the ferry and sailed them over, while parliament would have still been voting on stupid amendments being brought forward by little MPs who think themselves a God, and one little man sat in the front shouting “Order order” every few minutes.

We are still no nearer Brexit now than we were two years ago, Barnier and crowd have twisted Mrs May around their little fingers.

Then Wednesday morning an article in the daily papers reported on Mr Blair, a self-opinionated superior being, giving a talk in London, tells us, the oafs and serfs of the country to let MPs control things, because they are i in the matter!

This coming from a man who lied to the country and his actions caused the death of hundreds of thousands of men women and children and there is still actions to this day.

Also along with another self-opinionated super being Mr (sorry) Sir John Major they signed away much of this country’s heritage and self-esteem to the EU hence the mess we are in now.

J.H. Oliver, Brooklands Avenue, Swindon

They’re out of sight!

Dear Sir, Bill Williams says he took a ferry to Boulogne and didn’t see a Nazi U-boat. Come on Bill surely that’s the point of submarines.

Steve Thompson, Norman Road, Swindon

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