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Let’s have a frank and open Brexit debate...

Do Wiltshire MPs lack backbone? Swindon and northern Wiltshire have five Conservative MPs - Robert Buckland, Justin Tomlinson, James Gray, Claire Perry & Michelle Donelan.

Yet none of them will face up to their public and debate Brexit or climate change.

Why not? Lack of conviction in system or lack of bottle/backbone?

They appear to be very happy to talk on TV/MSM. They also appear quite happy to enjoy tax subsidised meals and drink in parliament.

But unwilling to fix a broken system with our present state of public services is in disarray: 11,000 rough sleepers according to Crisis’ latest report.

Of these, 4,000 reported are vets, 1.7 million food parcels a week (Trussel Trust ), more than 400 suicides due to Universal Credit (government Freedom of Information), 11,000 staff shortages in NHS, food rotting in fields due to lack of (EU) workers, refugees with children kept locked up or given accommodation that does not comply with health and safety (NAO report).

All these things brought about by a government that our local MPs consistently support.

I challenge all or any MP to a public debate on Brexit, climate change and society.

Therefore if you are not willing to stand up for your public and explain the situation as you know it then you do your public a great disservice and not worthy of their vote.

I look forward to a frank and open debate.

Gordon Sim, Mansells Farmhouse, Malmesbury

We’re not all equal

Many years ago I was involved in a minor accident with another car. I was turning right, it came fast, tried to overtake and caused minor damage. No-one was injured.

The two people in the other car swore it was my fault (it was not) and called the police. Subsequently I was fined and given three penalty points. Have never forgotten that injustice.

Now of course if I was a “Royal” with their obvious immunity, I would get away ‘scot-free’, with a nice new vehicle .

Who really believes that “we are all equal” in this wretchedly-run country.

Rodney J M Wirdnam, Whilestone Way

No man is an island...

I am grateful to the Adver for publishing my letter (February 2) pointing out that Brexit will make us all poorer. I was interested to read Des Morgan’s and Patrick Brennan’s letters in reply, published yesterday which give a balanced response.

Des Morgan admits he reworks Congreve - “Heav’n has no rage ..., like Europe scorn’d”.

Maybe, but John Donne needs no change: “No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, ...”

Daniel Pitt, Okus Road, Swindon

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