A JUDGE has asked for further investigations to be carried out to see if a cyber pervert had contact with any real children.

David Cox thought he was sending young girls videos of him performing sex acts on himself, but he was really talking online to undercover police.

And when the 56-year-old’s computers were examined detectives found chat logs where he had been communicating with girls as young as 11.

He sent two of them footage of himself and asked them to reply in kind, though they only gave him lawful images of themselves.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court a law enforcement officer using the name Phoebe was online in January last year.

She logged on to a Just Teen chat room and was quickly sent a private message from Cox. She immediately told she was just 14.

He asked for photographs of her, to have audio contact and then made a video call to her where he masturbated in front of the camera.

“In further lewd and lascivious terms he asked her to take her clothes off and to play with herself,” Mr Meeke said.

Around the same time he said two other police workers, each claiming to be 11-year-olds and they were also sent the same obscene footage of him. He was arrested in February last year and his computers were seized by police who uncovered other chat logs.

Mr Meeke said it was found he had been in contact with three named girls, aged 11, 13 and 14 years, who could not be traced.

Although two of them had sent him lawful pictures of themselves he said they could not be sure they were underage girls.

Judge Robert Pawson said “On the face of the evidence in front of me it appears these are undoubtedly real children,”

As no paedophile hunter groups had come forward claiming to have been the girls and they weren’t police he said they must be real children. But he asked prosecutors to asses the pictures to see if any more evidence could be found to help prove their ages.

Adjourning the case he said “There is a doubt in my mind as to how I am asked to pass sentence.”

Cox, of Welbeck Close, Walcot, admitted 10 counts of attempting to cause a child to watch a sexual act and six of attempting to cause a child to engage in sexual activity.

At a previous hearing the court was told following his arrest he left the matrimonial home, now sleeping in a van, and worked full time as a delivery driver for a butcher. He was released on bail to Thursday February 21 on condition he does not have unsupervised contact with children under or use online chat rooms.