THERE are doubts if a new pedestrian crossing in George Lane, Marlborough will go ahead.

It follows demands from town councillors and St Mary’s School for the installation of a promised pedestrian crossing by the old police station.

The Mayor Cllr Lisa Farrell and Cllr Mervyn Hall both criticised Wiltshire Highways for delays in putting in the road safety measure at the Area Board Meeting last week.

However in a statement Wiltshire Council said: "All options remain open. The results of the survey in Autumn 2019 will determine if a crossing can be provided or not."

They went on to say that at the time it was the busiest crossing point out of a number of crossing areas and there was a crossing patroller in operation, but since then new research showed crossing habits had changed.

They said: "Gaps between groups of vehicles travelling along George Lane were sufficient to allow pedestrians to cross with minimal waiting times.

“We will collect further data in autumn 2019 and review the situation.”

Marlborough Town Council said in a statement: “The Town Council feels that there needs to be improved safety measures in George Lane and fully supports Marlborough St Mary’s Primary School in its request for a crossing and pleased that Wiltshire Council officers have committed to looking at it later this year.”

The school Governors said that at the moment is that the crossing is high on the school's agenda, as they are concerned at the moment for the safety of the large numbers of children that cross George Lane.