WILDLIFE lovers might soon have a chance to have a photogenic encounter with rescued hedgehogs.
And those that do will be helping to raise money for a centre that looks after rescued animals.
The idea is the brainchild of photographer Peter Hanscomb, who is currently in talks with Oak & Furrows to run hedgehog photography days.
The wildlife centre in Cricklade has been inundated over the past few months and has even had to build a temporary structure to house the hundreds that have been brought in since last year.
Peter, who runs a successful wildlife blog, hopes to organise the hedgehog photography days with friend Graham Stewart.
The pair have come up with a plan to charge £50 for a whole hedgehog experience package, including a tour round Oak & Furrows and photos with the prickly mammals, with 100 per cent of the money going back to the charity.
Peter told the Adver: “I have always thought part of being a photographer is to be responsible with wildlife.
“I have to give something back as a photographer.
“They have had about 300 and they haven’t got the facilities to look after that many animals.”
Peter has recently taken in two hedgehogs from the wildlife centre, which he named Mr Happy and Mr Grumpy, just to help them cope.
“One is quite a happy little thing and the other is a bit aggressive and can try to attack you,” he joked.
The photography days are aiming to inspire people to be more aware as well, and to look out for and preserve the wildlife that’s closest to them.
“It’s about getting that across to people,” added Peter, who regularly gets hedgehogs and foxes passing through his garden in Haydon Wick.
“It’s amazing how much wildlife is in the urban environment,” he added, “it’s right under everyone’s noses.”

The Wildlife Centre has said it is not taking equiries until the details of the photography sessions have been finalised.