Five prefabricated garages in a "very deteriorated" state and dating back to the 1950s, and another double garage 50 years old, all on the same site in Old Town will be knocked down.

And in their place will be built seven new garages.

They will go with seven recently built garages to provide storage and parking for houses in Goddard Avenue.

The applicant Keith Iles, of Sunnyside Avenue was given permission by planners at the borough council to demolish the old buildings and put up replacements.

He told them: "This is the third stage to replace all the old garages on the site with a more solid and secure construction and will complete the task."

"The design of the new garages would match exactly with the adjacent recently-built garages in respect of all materials and appearance. The height of the garages would be the same as the adjacent garages but dropping to match the fall in the ground level."

South Swindon Parish Council and Swindon Borough Council's highways officers had no objection to the plan as long as the applicant agrees a construction management plan with planners at Euclid Street.