Council taxpayers in Swindon will know by the end of the week, how much council tax they will be asked for next year, apart from the parish council precepts.

And if all goes to plan, the new figure for a Band D payer will be £1,627.29.

Most of that will got to Swindon Borough Council - its increase of 3.99 per cent will take Euclid Street's precept to £1,366.15 - 82 per cent of the total.

That's as long as councillors on the borough council vote to approve the increase put forward by the Conservative administration.

The share taken by the police, increased this year by £24 per Band D payer- a 13.3 per cent raise, is £206.27. This is the first time the Band D charge has gone over £200 to support Wiltshire Police.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire authority meets tomorrow to vote on a suggested rise to £74.87 for the average household - an increase of £2.17.