A PRISON sentence given to Wiltshire's most prolific paedophile was too lenient, the county's police commissioner said.

Angus Macpherson said he would be taking up the case with one of the government's senior law officers.

It follows the sentencing last week of Peter Daniels, 70, who admitted sexually abusing 22 children. His youngest victim was just two-years-old.

Despite receiving six life sentences, Daniels will only be required to serve a minimum of nine years before his case can go before the Parole Board.

Mr Macpherson, who is also chairman of the Wiltshire Criminal Justice Board, said:“I feel the sentence handed down may be unduly lenient. It certainly does not reflect the public view on the seriousness of this man's despicable crimes and what he put his young, innocent victims and their families through.

"Six life sentences may seem enough but in real terms he could serve a maximum of 18 years and be out after just nine years. This falls way below the expectations of the victims, their families and the general public."

Under the Unduly Lenient Sentences scheme anybody is able to appeal to the government to have the length of a court sentence reviewed. The scheme is overseen by the Solicitor General, South Swindon MP Robert Buckland.

Mr Macpherson told reporters: "I have spoken today to the Solicitor General to seek guidance. As I result of that conversation I will be formally writing Mr Buckland to express the concerns that have been raised."

The police and crime commissioner's office said that a formal appeal to have the sentence reviewed under the ULS scheme was yet to be made.