BUSINESSES looking to boost the chances of young people struggling to find employment can now pledge to do more.

The new initiative, Be Involved, is a joint project by Wiltshire and Swindon Borough Council to give employers more opportunities support the employability of young people and the future workforce.

The aim is to create a directory of businesses and other organisations who pledge to work together supporting local schools, those with significant barriers to work, and offering apprenticeships, traineeships and supported internships.

Once signed up to the initiative a member of Swindon Borough Council’s Routes to Employment service will be in contact to discuss the type of support the business is interested in.

Despite high levels of employability in Swindon among adults, young people in the town are much more likely to be unemployed than in neighbouring cities.

The unemployment rate, by claimant count, puts Swindon in at 13th highest in the UK, whereas Oxford, Reading and Bristol are 62, 59 and 54 respectively, according to the Center for Cities 2018 report.

Go to for more information and to pledge.