A RESTAURANT manager who was banned from the road for leading police on a high speed chase has failed to get his licence back early.

Mohammed Uddin was given a suspended sentence for two bouts of drunken violence when he sped away from officers as he was uninsured.

Having completed just over two of the three years of the disqualification, eight months of it while behind bars, the 22-year-old , of Sarum Avenue, Melksham, asked a judge to quash the final nine months.

Judge Robert Pawson said it he was not satisfied enough time had passed for him to have sufficiently changed and said he must stay off the road.

Chris Smyth, for Uddin, said his client had learned from his previous mistakes and needed to drive to help in the family business.

He said they owned Refa in Melksham, which he manages, and another restaurant in Box which his brother is in charge of.

The business was built up by Uddin's father, he said, who at 52 was looking to take a back seat as he has health issues and wanted to return to India for long spells.

Giving evidence, Uddin said he needed his licence to go to the cash and carry in Bristol and other suppliers as well as for ferrying staff around.

He said his offending had brought shame on him and his family, who are well respected in their community in the town.

He said he had battled to change after doing eight months of the two years behind bars before being released early on home detention curfew

Mr Smyth said that were Uddin to succeed he would only get a provisional licence, as he had to pass an extended test as a result of the conviction.

Judge Pawson said that he did not think it would be right to return his licence early and rejected the application, ordering him to pay £340 in costs.

He said "I am afraid it takes a little longer for the court's faith to be restored.

"I am not persuaded remotely that he needs his licence back to get stock. I do not accept that it would be proper, having regard for his character and nature of previous offences."

Uddin was jailed after he drove away from police in the summer of 2016 after being spotted in his uninsured BMW in the middle of the night.

After speeding along the A350 it went at 70mph through residential 30mph zones before he dumped it on Campion Drive and ran off.

At the time he was on a suspended sentence for a violent robbery in Swindon and assaulting another man in a nightclub.