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Children do what they want these days...

I opened my mail box to find a leaflet from the local Labour candidate for Priory Vale, Ravi Venkatesh.

In it he outlines his plans to improve GP services and tackle anti-social behaviour.

So let me get this straight, a member of the Labour party who opened our borders to the world under Blair and signed up to the Human Rights Act under Blair is now complaining about two of the consequences of both of those actions.

Yes I know Integrated Medical Holdings seem to be a huge part of the problem with appointments and prescriptions taking so long to arrange. Let’s be honest though, with the way our population is exploding thanks to uncontrolled immigration it’s the amount of people trying to access those services in the first place that’s causing the problem. You can’t build a doctor’s surgery for 10,000 people and then build houses for twenty thousand people around it. There are at least one million illegals in the country that the government will admit too (you can probably triple that) but thanks to the Human Rights act there will never be an attempt to remove them. Once you set foot on British soil you’re in forever.

And anti-social behaviour?! Do me a favour Ravi.

The little twerps ruining our lives these days have grown up never having being challenged, smacked, punished or controlled in any way either at home or at school thanks to the Human Rights act. You have 10 and 12 year olds wandering our streets in gangs causing trouble every day of the week and they know the second anyone does anything to stop them their ‘Human Rights’ have been breached and they are immediately protected by the system.

They genuinely believe they are ‘gangstas’ at that age because they’ve never been knocked back into their place by adults. Their ‘rights’ are the only thing that matters no matter how violent, anti-social, or downright nasty they are. The police turn a blind eye because what’s the point of arresting kids who will be instantly surrounded by social workers with excuses and sob stories in court for the poor little darlings? Kids today know with 100% certainty they can do exactly what they want when they want with zero consequences. Thanks for that Labour.

Roger Lack, North Swindon

Let’s keep it simple

Reference universal credit, back in the 60s if you were unemployed and went on the dole, if you had been paid weekly you received your first payment at the end of the first week.

If you had been paid monthly, you had to wait four weeks for your first payment.

When you found work, the reverse happened.

If your new pay was weekly, your dole stopped immediately, but if your new pay was monthly, you received your dole payment s for the first three weeks of your new job.

It was simple and it worked.

Surely those in charge of UC could do something similar and continue to pay existing payments until the UC was ready to go for the new recipient.

This would solve a lot of problems and ease the pressure on the recipients and the food banks.

Gerry Taylor, Newcastle Street, Swindon

Brexit spotlight

Bill Williams strikes again, last week he didn’t see German submarines in the Channel. This week he is worried that the French and Spanish are going to sail up the channel in wooden sailing no ships and attack us. That’s if they don’t crash into the invisible submarines.

Let me say that all of my extended family brothers, nieces and nephews, and their children are passionate Remainers.

But all joking aside, may I say that while all Brexiters aren’t racist fascists all racist fascists are Brexiters.

Steve Thompson, Norman Road, Swindon

Rodbourne solution

To reduce the queues around Rodbourne, this is my suggestion for quick low-cost solution. Cut down the hedge in the corner of north Outlet car park by the roundabout on Kemble Drive. This could then be the only exit, direct onto the roundabout and therefore allow two lanes to be used on the current entrance. Pedestrians would be able to cross the entrance road easier only having look one way.

If the car park is normally close to capacity, I suggest free up more space by moving all the disabled spaces and the car wash to the gravel area outside Steam and National Trust.

Derek Richards, Haydon Wick

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