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Three Brexit choices...

With all the current shenanigans Parliament about Brexit, the options boil down to three.

There is no deal that will be catastrophic, the ‘May’ deal which will make the country poorer and reduce our influence in Europe and Worldwide and the best deal that is to remain in the EU - the world’s largest free trade area, that has kept the peace in Europe for the past 70 years and has given us improved environmental and employment - all of which are under threat from the current Tory administration and its Brexit.

Given that most of the country’s MPs do not seem to understand that in a representative democracy, such as we have, they are not mandated delegates but our representatives charged to act in the national and interest and as they seem unable to carry out this function the only way forward is a for a further referendum in which the best deal (remain) is an option

Tony Mayer, Wheatlands, Haydon Wick

Spend it at home

In reply to Steve Thompson and his accomplices in future financial disaster with their subjugation to foreign powers as Remainers, may I ask him to answer one question?

What will his opinion be when all his younger male relations are conscripted into a European army? I cannot see any of the British youth volunteering.

Then if we stay in.We will be forced to join the Euro. One of the most failing currencies in the history of financial ineptitude on our planet to date.

There are a few of my family, not many who I suspect voted to Remain. May I once again point out I have more to do with my time than run about my family asking them personal questions, which are none of my business.

Another significant point I would like to make to Mr Thompson is could he explain to me why Jean-Claude Junckar is on a salary of £348,000 per annum plus expenses.

For what? As we are at the moment one of the largest financial contributors to this financial gravy train band wagon, could British taxpayers hard earned cash not be spent closer to home. Of course Steve like you, I am only joking.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Swindon

It’s not all Ukip

Howard March (Feb 14) is living under the false impression that the “yellow vest” protesters in Swindon were all Ukip supporters.

The truth is that the “yellow vests” are a cross party organisation and are totally separate and not part of Ukip at all.

Membership of the EU has created a low wage economy in Britain and at the same time EU membership has pushed up the cost of house prices and rents.

Many people are concerned about this deteriorating situation including many people on the left wing of British politics.

The “yellow vest” protesters started their campaign in France and there they have have attracted people from both from the left wing and right wing in equal numbers.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

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