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Devastating news

Honda’s closure plan is devastating news for Swindon.

I was chief executive and town clerk of Swindon Council from 1973/95 (Thamesdown at the time).

Honda approached me and said that they were going to locate a factory in South Wales but were prepared to consider the airfield site in Swindon.

If I gave them certain assurances about planning permission, road works,etc.

Such assurances were beyond my authority, but I gave them in any event.

Fortunately the then Leader supported what I had done, and the development went ahead.

It was an ideal fit for Swindon with its history of skilled engineering.

However, from the beginning, Honda made it clear that they wanted unimpeded access to the European Free Market.

The Government at the time confirmed to Honda that they had no intention of the leaving the EU.

I hope the decision can be reversed if, after all, we stay in the EU.

If it is not then the council will have to put even more resources into their impressive development programme.

David Maxwell, Kent

All about the backstop

No matter which way you voted the meaning and implication of the word “backstop” means exactly the same.

“Backstop” is a screen, obstacle or any barrier to prevent further progress of an object or person from proceeding an further. Used in many sports eg. baseball, bowling, curling, cricket ( the wicketkeeper preventing the ball going to the rear boundary) and football ( defenders, especially the goal keeper as the final backstop).

Agreeing to a backstop would be sheer stupidity.

Oh! I forgot the 494 parliamentarians who voted to implement Article 50 and now have no idea what was involved in leaving.

They may agree to a backstop and stop us from leaving for ever. Even as mooted “a timed backstop” will keep us in for as long as the EU want.

Would you build a wall to stop someone leaving your property and say “don’t worry, we will demolish the wall in 1 week or one month or one year or some time in the future so you can leave?”. I think not. As I said in a previous letter our elected MP’s ( with unfortunately a very honourable exceptions ) have no concept of keeping to their manifestos once elected.

The phrase “I’m all right Jack or Jill” and I’m in for five years so I am saving my own skin. Think how the EU are laughing their socks off at the UK’s negotiations and how they hold all the aces. Why should they agree anything to help the UK?

Mr D N Simpson, Graham Street, Swindon

Where’s the seventh?

Re; Barrie Hudson’s article – always well worth a read – I was born and brought up in Swindon from 1935 onwards.

I have quizzed friends from the same era and between us we can remember just six cinemas located variously in and around the town These were; Palace, Palladium, Savoy, Regent (later Gaumont) Rink (Locarno) and Arcadia. We used to cinema- go two or three times a week back in the 50s/60s.

So could Barrie or someone please enlighten me as to the name and whereabouts of the other cinema ?

Rodney J M Wirdnam, Whilestone Way, Swindon

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