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Fans deserve better

I’m a season ticket at Swindon Town and have received a flyer in the post that they are now on sale for next season.

I’m pleased that the price has been frozen, even though match day admission prices are, in my opinion, excessive to say the least for League 2 football.

Looking at the details loyal fans have only until February 28 to get the best price. I’m at a loss to understand why the Club has imposed such a short timescale especially when the season doesn’t end until May.

The club tell us how much they value season ticket holders yet their actions seem to the contrary. I wonder how many of the other 71 EFL clubs have done the same thing?

Lee Power has a poor track record of communicating with the fans. I’d love to know from him or the CEO the rational behind this decision.

To give loyal fans two weeks to get the best price in an insult and actually makes me wonder whether they actually do value our support or just simply treat us with contempt. The fans deserve better!

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Nythe

Boulevard madness

The pedestrian underpass leading to the bus station is one of the busiest parts of the Swindon town centre.

It seems there are plans to permanently close this underpass and replace it with a pedestrian crossing.

Your article on February 21 said this will be done as part of plans to create a bus boulevard at the end of Fleming Way.

The bus boulevard would mean a halt to cars and lorries using that part of Fleming Way.

I can only assume that the councillors in Swindon have all gone mad and taken leave of their senses. Everything about this plan is total madness.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Enough is enough!

We sit like a theatre audience watching a chaotic amateur production where most of the cast appear to have lost the script, if ever they had a script to start with.

We have the lead character, a prime minister desperately trying to hold centre stage whilst trying to manage her two ‘unmanageables’.

One; her own inflexible, dogmatic negotiation strategy, and two; her ramshackle party comprising a motley collection of radicals, renegades and sycophants.

To the left of the stage we have ‘the opposition’.

A disparate collection of confused ideas coerced into submission by an autocratic leader who’s only role in this production appears to be occasionally rattling the meatless bare bones of his strategy. A leader who studiously ignores any opinion or idea which does not reflect his own.

And what of the Lib Dems, the long-standing supporting act.

They wait in the wings watching their traditional role being usurped by a variety of new voices whilst themselves lacking a strong enough voice to carry beyond the stage.

The audience are hardly aware of their presence, let alone their ideas.

Enough is enough. It’s time to pull the plug on this disastrous production of ‘Brexit’, revoke Article 50 and let the audience go quietly home and try to put their lives back together again.

Patrick Brennan, Highworth

Ukip were there in force

Steve Halden claims I am not correct in claiming that the Swindon yellow vests are all Ukip supporters. (Letters, Feb 21st)

I wonder if he actually saw the demonstration I was referring to.

On one side, a wide coalition of people including members of the Green Party, the Labour Party, and trade unionists. (Sorry Lib Dems if you were there and I didn’t recognise any of you.)

On the other side, a group carrying immigrant go home banners and Brexit slogans, led by Swindon’s Mr Ukip, Martin Costello. Seems clear enough to me.

It may be true that in France the gilets jaunes represent many parties, but as usual the right wing in this country are happy to try and catch a ride on somebody else’s coat tails and claim the yellow vest for themselves.

Ukip claim to be anti-establishment. How is it then that they support the likes of Nigel “stockbroker” Farage, Alexander de Pfeffle “Boris” Johnson, and Jacob Rees Mogg, the latter two both Eton educated.

Howard March, Tudor Crescent, Swindon

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