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We need a new era

While devastated to hear news of the planned closure of Honda in 2022, your readers may like to remember that it was local people’s own efforts that brought Honda to Swindon in the first place.

A group of Honda site searching managers called one afternoon into the council planning office, where I worked, unannounced, on the off-chance, after an unrewarding visit they said they had paid to a site in Wales which had the promise of millions of state cash attached to it.

Partly because Honda’s ambitions were as high as Swindon’s at that time, but partly because the planner called out to meet the party at the counter that day immediately realised South Marston airfield had to be the site that would suit, wheels were immediately set in motion to re-zone the site for the plant, with senior planners rapidly taken off their day jobs to be re-assigned all-hours to the project.

The rest is history that became more and more extraordinary. Building inspectors were dealing with plane-loads of drawings sent over by a US firm of architects, a firm that Honda had bought with its already vast foreign earnings. A new road interchange appeared from nowhere.

Hundreds of locally trained ex-apprentice rail engineers were hired and the sight of the first chests of quality engine parts that arrived from Japan, and which were applauded when opened, was never forgotten.

A world beater, years ahead of its time, but so far only made in Japan, the Jazz Hybrid is one car whose European production line would be so deserving to be rehomed to Swindon. If pressure could be brought by Swindon’s two excellent MPs, and by local business and community, Honda’s next era in the town could start from here.

Peter Monk RTPI, Unlawater Lane, Newnham

She’s no ‘prodigal son’

‘Remember the prodigal son’ someone said regarding Shamima Begum, and show mercy.

The prodigal son, however, never belonged to any terrorist organisation.

This young woman turned her back on western values, chose the barbarism of the Dark Ages-remember the Yazidi women? Raped and then sold into sexual slavery and their menfolk murdered?

Remember the captured Jordanian pilot, Muath-al-Kasasbeh, burnt alive inside a cage? The beheadings? The Manchester Arena massacre where children were deliberately targeted. That according to her was ‘justified.’

Her comment that she wasn’t “fazed” at the sight of severed heads sends shivers down one’s spine. The 19-year-old has no regrets whatsoever of having joined Isis. Her claim that she was just a “silly “ 15-year-old insults our intelligence.

She is one of many Jihadi brides who hate this country and its western values, yet long to return.

“Brides” who are likely to have acquired the skills and connections that make them potentially very dangerous. She only wishes to return because the US army rested control of territory from Daesh. She has even named her newborn son, Jerah after an infamous 7th century warlord.

Had she simply sprouted all the nonsense at home then we’d ignore her infantile comments, but she left the UK and headed to join the satanic terrorist group with all seriousness. This is treason.

Supporters say that she should come home and be closely monitored but security forces are already fully stretched.

If she is allowed back then so will hundreds of other ‘ex’-Jihadis who will be allowed to live here at taxpayers expense.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

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