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Rats and sinking ships

Once again Bill Williams overlooks the contribution of the USSR to the defeat of Germany and its allies in1945, (We’re a proud nation S.A. 11th February).

Whatever we think of the USSR then and Russia now, we should never forget that they probably lost more people in the ’39-’45 war than the rest of the allies put together.

Unlike Bill I voted remain in the referendum because I thought leaving the EU might put too many jobs at risk, although, being in my late eighties, I don’t think it will have a great impact on me either way.

However, I believe that the Germans and the Japanese, who the Allies also defeated, are not manufacturing their cars here because they hold us in great esteem, but merely because it gives them easy access to the E.U.

There’s possibly not much love lost even between the UK and many of the Indian population.

India, of course, also makes cars here as well as running our steel industry.

After all, they didn’t want us in their country to start with, but were only able to push us out after two world wars had left Britain impoverished.

Anyway, back to Brexit. The financial press reports that Jacob Rees-Mogg, one of the prime advocates of leave, has moved the base of his hedge fund business to Belfast, so that it will remain in the E.U. whatever the outcome of the negotiations.

Merrill Lynch is also moving to Paris and Dublin.

But that’s an American bank anyway.

However, I would have expected Rees-Mogg to remain here.

It brings to mind sinking ships and rats.

Don Reeve, Horder Mews, Old Town

Tackling climate change

Wiltshire Council is to be congratulated for declaring a Climate Emergency (SA 28 February).

What a pity that Swindon Borough Council did not do the same when a motion about climate change was put to the full council on 24 January this year.

Instead of declaring an emergency or making proposals for a radical reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as the recent UN IPPC report deems vital, all SBC could do was to set up a climate working group.

It is vital for the working group to really push things forward at the highest cabinet member level across all SBC departments and treat climate change as the emergency that the overwhelming majority of scientists across the globe say is vital to tackle for our very survival.

Bill Hughes, Goddard Avenue, Old Town

Honda and housing

The letter from Martin Wicks (Mar 1) explains in the clearest possible language the urgent need for new council houses in Swindon.

The Right to Buy has been a great investment for people who bought council houses.

But it has created a crisis for the next generation looking for homes for their families.

The two main problems facing Swindon today are the Honda closure and the housing crisis.

We have 650 highly paid MPs sitting in our parliament.

But when it comes to the problems of Honda and housing they wash their hands of it and say its all down to market forces.

Well I disagree.

Let’s see a bit more government involvement in sorting out the Honda problem and building more affordable homes for the working class, and less reliance on market forces to solve these major problems.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

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