DRUG dealer Kieran Broderick, who dealt cocaine from his family home has been warned he is playing Russian roulette with his children.

The 34-year-old was facing a three-year jail term but was given a chance to clean up his act.

Judge Robert Pawson told him: "If you go to prison the effect on them is going to be staggering, and that is utterly down to you."

Broderick had admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply and possession of cocaine and cannabis.

Chris Smyth, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court police raided Broderick's home just after 9am on February 8 last year. They found him sitting in his car on the drive.

"Other officers went in to the address where they found his partner in the lounge, the children were not present."

He said Broderick had a small amount of cannabis on him and in the house police quickly found some herbal cannabis. "Additionally in the kitchen was the paraphernalia for the preparation of drugs for sale, bags and scales and the like."

His phone was found to contain a number of messages linked to drugs. The first text was in August 2016 showing he had been dealing for about 18 months. Messages indicates he had been dealing about 2.5g a week.

When he was questioned he said he had started dealing to fund his own habit.

He denied possessing criminal property after £400 was found in the search. It was forfeited when prosecutors said they would not seek a trial.

The court heard he had a previous conviction for possessing cocaine and a racially aggravated public order offence.

Richard Williams, defending, said Broderick had two young daughters and was the main bread winner because his partner only had a small job.

After reading references, including one from his partner the judge said: "You should really go to prison today for about three years."

But he told the court: "If in six months he remains in work, remains in gainful employment, not to have reoffended, to remain drug free, made effort to save money towards a fine and costs, to start behaving like a proper husband - I don't know if he is married - and father, not risking his partner and children, he will not face custody in six months time."

"You have played Russian roulette with your children and your partner," he told the defendant.