A MOBILE museum is heading to Swindon to encourage people in the town to think about climate change.

The pop-up Climate Museum UK will be making its first appearance outside London at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre at Lydiard Fields on Saturday.

Having started in London in July 2018, it aims to provide an innovative approach through games, creative activities and more.

Founder Bridget McKenzie, from London, and her museum were invited to visit Swindon by Citizens Climate Lobby UK as part of their first conference. CCL UK is looking to change national legislation to address climate change.

Bridget said: “Climate Museum UK is about creatively stimulating a response to climate change, to learn about all the systems and connections around it and to imagine possible ways of pushing through it.

“Each installation is completely different in response to the space and interests of the partner organisation, so the pop-up in Swindon will be a unique experience.

“It’s not a traditional museum because it is more about stimulating ideas and make it more interactive with the public.

“Climate change is a real issue, it affects diversity and even food and it’s time to find a solution.

“I’m always trying to find out what people like and something they like is to have their hand on it, having something to hold. So I spent Christmas creating objects to make it happen.”

Bridget, 51, will be running a workshop to explore creative ways of contacting local MPs. She will ask participants to make colourful postcards with messages addressing climate change issues.

Conference co-ordinator Louisa Davison said: “The phrases ‘climate change’ and ‘fun’ are rarely found together, but Climate Museum UK encourages ordinary people to address climate change in a creative way.

“When I attended the inaugural event in London, I knew we needed the museum at our conference, and we are delighted they agreed to attend.”

This year’s theme is around carbon fee and dividend. This aims to reduce greenhouse emissions by placing a fee on fossil fuels, making environmentally-friendly alternatives more attractive.

The CCL UK conference costs £25 to attend and will run from 10am-5pm. The museum will be popping up near the conference for one day only. It is free to visit but any donation is welcomed.

For further information visit climatemuseumuk.org