A PARISH council is poised to pour thousands of pounds into ageing play parks across south Swindon.

The regeneration plans will initially see five children’s play areas fitted with new equipment.

Councillors at South Swindon Parish Council, which is responsible for the works, rubber stamped the proposals this week.

The parish council refused to disclose the total cost of the plans. However, it is expected to be tens of thousands of pounds. Last year, the parish budgeted £114,000 for the five parks last September.

Oliver Saunders, projects officer for the parish, said the equipment could be fitted within a matter of months. Once the contractors were briefed, they could be on site in four to six weeks, with construction completed within a speedy two to three weeks.

He said: “It’s all bread and butter to those contractors.”

Hesketh Crescent, Old Town

The park on Hesketh Crescent, beside Croft Primary School in Old Town, can expect a new roundabout, tube slide and set of colourful drums – termed “eco-bongos” in plans.

Projects officer Oliver Saunders told councillors: “The main remit I was given was to massively increase the value. It’s a lovely site, but there’s not a lot of play equipment.”

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The park will also get a new swing, two springers and “multi-play unit” aimed at younger children and fitted with a slide and climbing net.

Lordsmith Green, Park South

Lordsmith Green, off Cranmore Avenue, will be fitted with new rubber safety matting and new fencing. “The current surface is not fit for purpose,” Mr Saunders said.

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Rushey Platt

Rushey Platt’s play park, off Sword Gardens, stands to get a massive new cradle swing and the wood chip covering the play area with rubber safety mats.

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Savernake Street, Old Town

Some of the most extensive changes will be at the Savernake Street play area. New swings, springers, talking tubes and climbing equipment are expected to be installed.

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“The play area needs to focus on younger kids,” Mr Saunders said. “It will have a fully accessible roundabout. It’s a brilliant plan.”

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Dudmore Road, Queens Drive

Behind Queens Drive, at Dudmore play area, an existing roundabout criticised as “not fun for kids” is likely to be replaced with a so-called dish roundabout. Children will be able to clamber into the piece of equipment and be spun around by their friends or parents.

Parish councillors backed the plans.

Old Town councillor Neil Hopkins welcomed the plans as positive: “It’s great to see us put some investment into these play areas. A lot of people are going to benefit from this and appreciate it."

Toby Robson, a parish councillor for Eastcott, asked how resistant the rubber matting was to fire: "One of the issues with rubber matting is that it is vulnerable to arson. It burns prodigiously well if someone sets fire to it."

Mr Saunders attempted to put the councillor's mind at rest: "I know it was more of an issue than it is now. The rubber is quite resistant to fire." It was designed to prevent fire from spreading, instead containing the blaze to a small area of the material. It did, however, mean that parish workers had to be able to replace scorched patches of the matting.