How well do we know our neighbours? It is a question that forms the basis of a dance theatre duet created by Lithuanian choreographer Ieva Kuniskis.

The intricate piece of theatre is a two-hander, danced by Nicholas Minns and Mark Boldin at Swindon Dance on Friday, March 22.

The dance drama, They Lived Next Door, is an emotional roller coaster, based around two men whose relationships seems confrontational and warm, tender yet poisoned.

Ieva said: "The two central characters are stuck…they don’t communicate any more yet they’re co-dependent, weighed down by duty, expectation and longing and they can’t break away from each other.

“I am interested in social psychology and I’m fascinated by our idiosyncrasies, exploring what makes us who we are. I observe how stereotypes and social labelling affects our identity and relationships.''

Nuanced movement narrates snapshots of scenarios played out alongside an original soundtrack composed by Dougie Evans.

“We wanted to create nostalgic melodies that felt like a soundtrack to the men’s lives,” says Ieva.

The audience become part of the men's lives world, and as their story unfolds the desire to know what goes on behind closed doors is set free.

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