VIRTUAL tours of Prospect Hospice are now available after a digital overhaul at the charity.

Working with Swindon-based VR Walk the hospice has added the virtual tour to the website, which it launched in November, to help visitors familiarise themselves with the space.

Warren Finney, head of community engagement, said: “This is a fantastic and relatively new tool that the website offers.

"People are now able to tour the hospice from the comfort of their own home.

“Whatever your reason for visiting us, be it a new volunteer, for an interview to work with us, to visit a family member, for a first day therapy session or a career coming in for a complementary therapy - the tour makes you feel at ease because you know where your coming to.

"We’re proud of our uplifting and active hospice in Wroughton and this is a great way to show it off.”

Shane Brennan from VRWALK added: “It was a pleasure and uplifting experience to create this virtual tour for Prospect Hospice. I’ve done many tours now for local businesses, as of now it’s mainly been in the tourism and leisure industry, or for house sales.

But this has been my favourite and a great idea! The hospice definitely wasn’t what I imagined it to be and this shows people in an interactive way, how nice and welcoming it is here.”

The new website, built by Boson Web, is more compatible with mobile users and has an online shop where event merchandise, such as the Starlight Walk, can be brought.

It is easier to donate, with a button accessible on all pages taking users to a secure page, and the option to set up an account.

Digital marketing office Michelle Jones : “The website is much more interactive because long gone are the days of endless pages to read.

"It's uplifting, easy to navigate & kept up to date so there's always something new to come back and see.

"Web pages are now hubs of up to date, information for all our services, where people can dip in and out of getting more information offered by image galleries, news areas, videos, graphics & documents for downloading.”