POLICE have issued a wildlife crime warning after two men were tackled for fishing illegally in Wiltshire.

Salisbury magistrates fined Noel Delvin, 26, of Biddlesden, Bucks, and Johnny Cash, 32, of Christchurch, £200 and ordered £115 in costs, after the men admitted fishing without a licence on the River Ebble last July with an instrument other than a rod and line.

The pair had used a home-made fishing rod and make-shift net to fish in the Wiltshire river.

Wildlife Crime Officer PCSO Matthew Smith said: "There are no excuses for the small minority that don't think the law applies to them and break the rules.

"Not only are offenders like Delvin and Cash cheating their fellow anglers and damaging the environment, but as in this case, they also risk a criminal conviction, a fine and losing their fishing equipment."

Report illegal fishing to the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.