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More than prayers

As leaders of the three main free church denominations in the Swindon area we were as shocked and upset as everyone at the news from Honda concerning its decision to close the plant in Swindon.

Our initial response was heartfelt prayer in all our churches for the futures of those directly and indirectly affected by this decision, for the families of employees and for our town.

Others may say ‘and what else’. In scripture we are encouraged to show our faith in practical ways and that we are committed to do. We will do all we practically can to support those who are affected by this news and its consequences. As the situation is made clearer, we’ll listen to everyone’s concerns and offer what help we can to those in difficulty, not just those in our fellowships but those in our surrounding communities.

We are also available and willing to be part of any town wide initiatives as they are discussed and developed.

Rev Mark Barrett - Superintendent Minister of the North Wiltshire Methodist Circuit.

Rev Gerald England - URC South Western Synod Pastoral Adviser for Swindon, Wiltshire and the United Area.

Rev Steve Robinson - Chairman of Trustees, West of England Baptist Association, Co-ordinator, Swindon Cluster of Baptist Ministers.

Rev Robert Jordan – Chairman of Swindon Sponsoring Body

No vote right decision

In May 2016 the SA kindly printed a letter of mine “Sad to say I won’t vote” due to the scare mongering/lies put out by both the remain and leave campaigners in the run up to the EU referendum.

True to my word I never voted. Instead I scribbled across the voting paper (my democratic right to do so). Now I feel vindicated in my actions as we all look on at the disgraceful situation the country is in now regarding the EU negotiations and the withdrawal on March 29th.

However I must take Des Morgan to task in his letter “Honda move is down to world markets”. If that is the case Des, why then did Honda announce that they would shut down the Honda plant for six days, bringing forward their maintenance work and also stockpile parts and components in the event of a no deal Brexit after March 29th. And why not long ago did they lay off their temporary workers? It has nothing to do with Brexit, Des? I wonder.

Mark Webb, Old Town, Swindon

Honest leaders wanted

This is proof that lies are hard to deliver. Brexit was based on lies, fantasy and dark money from dubious sources.

The country needs leadership honest enough to tell the electorate this. Sadly that will be hard to find. Let the people have a vote and bring an end to this fiasco and continued economic damage. Everyone who voted for Brexit based on lies and every member of Parliament who is now doing everything to bring this country to its knees should be ashamed.

Patrick O’Shea, Highworth

Garden confusion

I WAS really impressed recently when we received a card through the letterbox promoting Cricklade Manor Nursery stating ‘Discover a happy and exiting year round nursery set in a lovely walled garden in the grounds of Cricklade Manor Prep School’.

I immediately thought ‘Somewhere for the wife to go to give me a break now and then’.

I then realised that it was for ‘Year round learning for boys and girls aged 2-4’

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

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