Rock band Electric 6 are jetting into the UK for a spring tour. Frontman Dick Valentine chatted to the Adver before their gig in Swindon

Are you looking forward to coming back to the UK?

Oh yes. Oh yes we are. Oh yes, goodness gracious, yes

Have you been to Swindon before and what will you be playing for us?

No, never been. I can see that one tall building y’all have from the M4 as we drive by. We’ll be playing all the songs you deserve and love.

Do you ever get fed up with people asking for Gay Bar and Danger High Voltage, or are they simply like old friends?

They are like old friends that never get tired, because we love them so. They are very important to so many people and we would never let you down.

What made you choose the alter ego of Dick Valentine when Tyler Spencer is such a cool rock name? Is it something to do with the crooner Dickie Valentine?

Yes, I was trying to give myself more of a stylized thing….1920’s crooner kind of thing

You have done a number of solo projects including writing for Machinima’s Bite Me how did that come about?

The creator of the show was a huge fan of the band and he really wanted my music to be involved.

You are the only founder member of Electric 6 still in the band, I believe, so how did you choose the other musicians you play with now?

Word of mouth. Reputation. Feel.

How did your family feel when you said you were going to be a musician, did they tell you to get a proper job or did they support you - or both?

Music was always something I thought I’d be doing as an outlet, not as a profession. I was just in the right place at the right time and this kind of happened. So I didn’t quit my day job until this became my job. There was never a time where I wasn’t working or bringing in money. I was never one of those people who was like: “I’m an artist therefore you must support me.” So to answer your question, my parents were always fine with whatever I did because I always paid my own rent.

You have your own family now with two daughters, do they show any signs of following your footsteps into the world of music?

Marginally. They play piano together. My oldest daughter is very good at writing lyrics.

Did you ever have to do other jobs to fund your music?

In the early days, yes. I drove a bus, I was a coffee barista. I was an editor of press releases.

Did you ever want to do anything else?

Professional hockey player or women’s fashion critic.

Are you superstitious?

I’m nuts, but not superstitious.

Are they any plans for a new album or single this year?

I have a solo record coming out called Illuminati Bees. It comes out on May 1. I am self releasing it. illuminati bees.

How different musically is your other band Evil Cowards?

Somewhat different. That band is much more synth-pop in nature, in Electric Six we feature the electronic guitar.

Electric Six are stopping off at Level 111, Commercial Road, Swindon on Thursday, May 16 from 8.30pm. Tickets are from £18.50. For more details visit