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Better out than in

Can you believe it? After the monumental mess the Government have made of Brexit they continue to play like spoilt children.

And those so-say in charge of the EU don’t seem any better. Another bunch a delusional misfits who think they have some God-given right to be stupid.

There was a letter in The Telegraph of March 22 from an eminent French professor, Dean of the Institute Franco-Allemand d`Etudes Europeennes at the university of Clergy-Porpoise in Paris. So he is pretty obviously a rather intelligent sort of guy.

In his letter he supports whole heartedly the reason for GB/UK leaving the EU. He points out that our economy has benefited as a result of us not having the Euro as currency but rather stayed with the Pound Sterling. Additionally our employment rate has reached 76.1 per cent, the highest ever. Whilst unemployment fell to 3.9 per cent the lowest since 1975. What other European country can boast of such record? He also points out that The UK will remain as one of the most powerful financial centres on the planet.

Also the EU benefits greatly with trade from the UK.

Furthermore the EU policy is such that it does not allow countries to adapt to economic trade, thus weakening the whole of the EU Bloc. It is in fact a totally rigid bureaucracy unable to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Also and additionally the markets are surprisingly resistant to uncertainty about the UK. The market in point of fact tend to support the UK rather than the EU.

He also points out that there are vast numbers of French people who wholeheartedly support the UK`s idea of leaving the EU.

This Professor wholeheartedly supports the idea of leaving the EU without a deal. He also goes on to point out that when we are successful it will open the doors to many other countries successfully leaving the EU and he believes than France will be one of them.

So the simple question remains? How come our political classes cannot see this? Or is it because they are too involved and personally have too much to lose? In other words they are looking after themselves not us and the country.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Not politically correct

Let me admit a weakness , I was brought up the hard way in the East End of Glasgow and close friends would not call me a snowflake. I can read all about the human races failures and not blink an eye lid. Even Brexit angers me but I can handle that. My weakness ? When I come to an article regarding cruelty to innocent animals it breaks my heart .A family with three kids in the North of England were burgled and their little fourteen week old puppy, Wilma a bulldog was stolen. A few days later she was found hanging from their gatepost strangled to death. The three children are heartbroken as are the parents.

The vile cowardly human scum that perpetrated this inhuman act on a little innocent puppy deserve no mercy or quarter drawn if they are ever apprehended. I would bring back the birch without fear or favour for such heinous crimes against innocent animals. May I assure the hand wringing political correct liberal elite brigade I am not joking. If they get their way any more they will be delighted to see a murder sentence reduced to community service instead of what it should be. Hanged by the neck until dead.

Political correct nonsense, soft prison sentences and a dedicated police force ruled by their university educated social service masters who don’t believe boots on the ground reduce crime are leaving us and our families in added danger.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

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