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Eggcited for Easter Day

My name is Thomas and I am 9 years old.

I go to Broad Town C of E Primary School. For our homework this week we had to write an article for the school newspaper, Broad Town News.

I am very pleased with my poem.

So thought I would send it to a real newspaper to see if it can be published.

An Easter Poem

At Easter time children play

And celebrate Easter day.

Quickly they scramble in the hunt

To get the eggs and be at the front !

Shiny milk chocolate eggs are hidden

But to eat them early is forbidden.

The beaming sun gives plenty of light

But trust me it is very bright.

Lilies, daffodils and tulips grow

Amongst the green all aglow.

Although at Easter we do give

Jesus was sacrificed so we can live.

Thomas Reed, Broad Town Primary School

Heartfelt thanks from a hospital patient

I am writing in regards of your article on 8th March regarding the power cut at the Great Western Hospital on Friday February 1.

I was an in-patient at the time in the acute cardiac unit and so experienced this first hand, most notably the cold as all the heating had gone off.

In your article there was no mention of the incredible staff who ensured we all got extra blankets and extra hot drinks to keep us warm.

This was on top of having to do their usual work in very challenging conditions.

Despite treacherous road conditions due to the snow, not one of the staff failed to get in.

And a few of them even walked to guarantee their attendance so they could look after the patients.

There is no praise high enough for the care and compassion showed to me during my stay.

They are all real life super heroes!

Thank you to you all.

Mr P Collins, Old Town, Swindon

A question of trust

So it would appear that, irrespective of the result of the referendum the political class have ignored the public’s wishes and substituted their own wishes upon the country.

Even though in his speech David Cameron, our then Prime Minister, told us it was our choice and our choice would be implemented.

In fact as I recall he promised it would be carried out.

Did he really mean this and moreover did he actually believe it?

Well we now have a result that I suppose he would have agreed to.

This “new deal” in actual fact ties us closer to the EU than full membership ever did.

We shall be beholden to them, the EU for everything.

Oh how they must be laughing and rejoicing in Brussels.

How did it come to this?

We the country that built the biggest empire the world has ever seen brought to its knees by a bunch of twisted, lying, cheating and self serving despots that Europe has ever seen.

Yes and we have also our own people to blame for it.

Gutless, I think sums it up best.

Closely followed by looking after their own interests and not the country`s.

Strange I always believed that MPs were there to look after their own constituents needs. Just shows how wrong I got that.

Looking back would Maggie have gone for it? What do you think? Like her or hate her. She did what she thought was right for our country.

Unlike Theresa May and her international banker husband.

Yet look at the way the money tables perform? The pound Sterling is far away and above the Euro.

So at least some people are aware of just how important this country of ours really is. Most proper business leaders realise that with a proper Brexit and our country free to follow it natural way we could again become prosperous and do well on the world stage.

What we really need to show politicians what we the public want, is a few acts of civil disobedience.

Then if that doesn’t do the trick we could always have a minor rebellion.

Perhaps then these stupid politicos would eventually see which side their bread is buttered on.

To much to hope for? Probably.

We have been taken for a ride and lets hope we, as a country can learn something from it.

Although I very much doubt it.

At least the French have got it right.

They don’t trust any politician.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

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