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Party of business should listen to big firms

Swindon is a modern, forward looking town that prides itself on welcoming to business and has a long history of supporting successful enterprise through investment and pragmatism.

Perhaps not surprising then that we have two Conservative MPs, the party that traditionally claims to be the party of business.

Businesses small and large have explained, repeatedly, patiently and in detail, why a no deal Brexit would be hugely damaging.

In case you’re tempted to dismiss this as self-interested interfering by bodies such as the CBI, please consider how unusual it is for respected household names such Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer etc to openly express any sort of political opinion.

And yet in January they all warned that a no-deal Brexit would be disastrous.

Justin Tomlinson treated business with contempt last week by voting in favour of a no deal in the indicative votes.

Any claim he makes to be in favour of jobs and business have been rendered laughable by this hypocrisy.

Meanwhile Robert Buckland added to the crippling uncertainty by rejecting all of the eight options.

While the Tory party as a whole must take the majority of the blame for the monumental crisis we now face, having mismanaged Brexit from the start.

It’s interesting how the same people, who have told us that we cannot afford to invest in public services or properly support the neediest in our society through benefits, now tell us that we should all be prepared to tighten our belts for a few years to pay for their ideologically driven fantasy of a no deal Brexit.

Meanwhile, we now have 3.7m children living in poverty, 72 per cent of them in working families.

It’s as shocking as it is shameful.

Neil Mercer, Maidstone Road, Swindon

Reflecting on human greed for money

Sadly as I reflect on my 75 years in this dimension, I have come to one firm conclusion.

Money talks. I struggled for years working hard as a father of five, as well as my deceased good lady doing part time jobs to keep us financially viable.

My point. Everything I have noticed in my mature years, be it the disgrace at the House of Commons - they could have fooled me as a commoner - revolves around the barter of this globe.

The readies, the shillings, the dosh, you name it .Try surviving without it, point made readers ?

Be it politicians thwarting the will of the people.

Council tax rises above inflation.

Sexual exploitation of young girls through drugs or intimidation.

Refugees being brought into our country.

One thing stands out conclusively. Human greed for financial gain is insidious.

Let me remind them of one clear fact .There are no pockets in a shroud.

You cannot take it with you when the inevitable natural process of death comes to us all.

Finally, one sentence to the highly paid charlatans masquerading as representors of the electorate who voted you in.

In between taking selfies and laughing at each other regardless of our countries future in the middle of monumental crisis, beware of the rage of the common people like me who could vote you out, as I will at the first opportunity I get.

Enough is enough even for someone with one foot in the grave.

My children, and grandchildren and great grandchildren deserve better regarding their future,

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

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