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UK’s electric blues

Is this the real reason that Honda are leaving Swindon?

This country is not ready for electric vehicles (EVs).

There are only 32 charging points available to the public for charging.

We have a son living on the Isle of Skye they have 13 charging points. Another son lives in Morden, Surrey on the edge of London.

They have 22 charging points all referenced on These points are a mixture of charging specifications so are not suitable for all vehicles.

A recent visit to North London started this research. With all the blocks of flats and early housing with little or no parking, how will they be able to charge an EV?

We live in a cul-de-sac with one on-drive parking space.

The EV would be alright around town, but not very practical to visit our son on the Isle of Skye, thus needing a second car - probably the far more practical hybrid (internal combustion engine and electric power) or better still just the latter.

In our cul-de-sac of six houses and between us we have 10 on drive parking places, but there are currently 15 vehicles (more when we/they have visitors).

No, I am not against progress I used to lecture on advanced vehicle engine technology.

Answer the following questions: -

Will I be able to charge the vehicle at home (just imagine you live in a block of flats without a dedicated parking space)?

Will I be able to charge the vehicle away from home?

Can I justify the addition cost?

Would I buy a second hand EV?

Can this country supply all the necessary electrical power needed to recharge the vehicles?

It’s doubtful. During last year’s Beast from the East industry was asked to cut their demand to avoid domestic power cuts.

I would suggest that Honda have asked themselves similar questions and came to similar conclusions.

Further research would be needed to see if the EU is any better prepared for electric vehicles. May I say that I have every sympathy with the workers at Honda and wish them every success in the future.

What great place to build a hybrid or hydrogen powered vehicle.

Ken Parker, Grange Park, Swindon

Domestic abuse is everyone’s concern

I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of victims and survivors of domestic abuse for the solid stand the Advertiser took yesterday on the appalling injustice that you reported so well.

As you may know, I work voluntarily with female survivors of domestic abuse to help them build a new life.

They will have been as disgusted as me at the leniency shown to this thug Jakub Chmurak. The judgment and indeed the comments reportedly made by the judge send out a disgraceful signal to perpetrators out there.

It was like being given a stay out of jail card that rewards his vicious behaviour.

I know I will not be the only one to do so, but I am today writing to Robert Buckland MP QC to ask that he reviews this case and the judges comments urgently.

Justice must be done here and this was not it.

Women, and men are dying at the hands of such perpetrators, community service cannot be the right punishment.

In view of the array of knives and weapons this thug used to terrorize his victim, how fitting that the Advertiser’s comment appears on the same page as that on which Robert, quite rightly, highlights the awful growth in violence and knife crime.

Thank you for standing up for survivors.

Domestic abuse is everyone’s business!

Ray Dawson, Swindon

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