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Let the Queen step in

Wow this had to be the biggest picked audience of Question Time I have ever seen.

Even it would appear that Fiona Bruce was so embarrassed by the left-leaning audience that she made a point of telling people that it was a fair split between the different views regarding Brexit.

Once again we saw from much of the audience participation the old cliches coming out. It proves that another old cliche is indeed true.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Most of them had not even read the little booklet published by the government prior to the referendum. Oh no that was too much trouble and there were too many big words.

So they look at the headlines and take all of the rubbish printed in many of red tops.

Don’t try and find out if it indeed true, In this day and age and with all the technology we have today it isn’t that difficult. But no it was easier to watch soaps on the telly.

The biggest and loudest of the panel was the Labour MP. Who seemed to believe if he shouted hard enough he would be okay.

Brexiteers have been sold out by Mrs May, a remainer and also if you look at them are most of her cabinet. No doesn’t that strike you as being strange? If you really want to leave the EU wouldn’t you expect there to be quite a few in the Cabinet who actually were Brixteers.

No she was a remainer and she is still a remainer. The only difference that I can seen now to when she took office that she has gone stark staring Mad. Well you have all seen and heard her what do you all think? She won’t listen to anybody in her government.

Seems to me it would be a good idea if the Queen called her in for a quiet chat and told her. Either do the job or I shall revoke parliament and call on the armed forces to run the country. Got to be honest it wouldn’t bother me. The Queen, god bless her, has more sense than any politician I have ever come across.

We could be out is a shot! Great.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

No more May-hem

Television is a wonderful invention. It gives us entertainment and 24-hour news.

Let me illustrate two examples, starting with the news. This week as I always do, I turned on the TV for the evening news.

Once again the TV announcer gives us the usual old flannel about the Brexit impasse. We then go outside parliament where the interviewer speaks to the usual suspects from the politically parties. I then get angrier and angrier, as I see in the background the boot-licking remain brigade wrapped in the Disunion flag chanting the Ode to Joy.

That same evening I watched a programme on Devon and Cornwall, two of my favourite haunts.

It showed the open air Minack Theatre in Cornwall carved out of the granite on the cliff side, with the magnificent view of the Atlantic.The orchestra at the Minack then started to play Land of Hope and Glory.

The packed audience of all ages started waving a sea of Union flags. I was filled with national pride and felt privileged to be British.

With our way of life, customs and history, from the Highland Games in the north to the Minack in the south to name but a few examples of our heritage and culture.

May I make a suggestion to Madame Mayhem. The next time, not again Theresa. You put a vote to the Guinness Book of Records Indecisive Society. You show the clip of the Minack and the audience who were present. Who love their country as us Brexiteers do. It may embarrass them into ending this farce at our countries expense. By voting to leave as they promised us.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

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