Teenage Dirtbag may be approaching the end of its own teenage years, but the band behind the iconic angst anthem is as busy as ever.

Hot on the heels of an American tour of venues in places as diverse as California, Washington DC, Texas and Michigan, Wheatus has lined up a series of spring dates on this side of the Atlantic.

Among the earliest is Level 3 in Swindon on Friday, May 10.

The band formed in 1995, but the single for which it is still best known came some five years later.

Teenage Dirtbag made the top 10 in countries across the world, selling millions of copies.

It was taken from Wheatus’ eponymous debut album. According to frontman Brendan B Brown, some hitherto unfinished and unheard tracks written at the time will finally be unveiled during a 20th anniversary tour planned for next year.

Tickets for the Level 3 cost £16.50, and further details can be found at level3swindon.com/events/wheatus/