The layout of a small development of houses in Wroughton has been revealed.

Applicant Sue Hill, who lives on the site off Woodland View, was given permission to knock down Clevedon House and two other buildings in order order to use the land for 10 detached houses in 2016.

She has now submitted details of how the houses to be built on site will look and their layout, for approval.

One house will be constructed facing the road, in nearly the spot where the original house stands.

As the site widens out as it moves away from the road houses will be arranged around a central spine road, ending in a T-shape cul-de-sac.

There are five different styles of house among the 10 homes to be built - all detached and two storeys high.

Most styles incorporate an attached garage, and are created in an L-shape.

The plans are available to view and to comment on