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Just passing through

As many young families look forward to the Easter break down at the seaside, predictions of a heatwave delight me.

I have done my fair share of travelling around our planet with my Good Lady, sadly no more. But it is always good to get back to Britain, our little island where we were born, or came here for our country’s welcome sanctuary, to get back to family, friends and the regularity of daily life in a stable way of life. Where, if we look around us in this world of immediate news from around our planet, that simple adage is becoming very rare as humanity borders on destruction bt the self interest of certain members of the human race only interested in power, money or territory.

Finally there is one thing they all forget. Nobody lives for ever, we are all just passing through. They will face their maker as we all will eventually do. I will be honest after losing my wife through the horrors of advanced Alzheimer’s I faltered. Then I remembered the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

My faith is now restored for the many happy times and sometimes sad we shared over our 55 years of marriage. God bless you all, ladies in particular.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Big red bus myth

Just to balance the argument, here are a few lies the Remain side hit us with.

When Prime Minister, David Cameron, first announced the Brexit referendum he promised to hold treaty changing negotiations with the EU. If he didn’t get what he asked for he would walk away and lead the Leave campaign. In reality he asked for very little and got even less, the EU was intransigent as usual. On June 7, 2016 David Cameron told a live audience on ITV that this referendum vote was ‘for you the people, not politicians’ and the result would be honoured. He resigned because of the Leave result. Not a man to trust.

Theresa May, another remainer, became PM. She wasted nine long months before triggering Article 50. She constantly stated that Brexit meant Brexit, that no deal was better than a bad deal. Whenever challenged (108 times) she stated the UK would leave the EU on the 29th March 2019. Then it was 12th April. Now it’s possibly/maybe 31st October or when Hell freezes over?

Now a “peoples vote” is being demanded in case people have changed their minds. To have changed your mind you will have had to vote in the first place. So bring it on, ask the same people to vote again, not those who couldn’t be bothered first time round until they heard the result. It is quite easy to go through the referendum list of voters. Not so keen on that suggestion I suspect?

Let’s get rid of the myth of the big red bus. If you actually read the words they were just a suggestion not a promise, therefore not a lie. I personally would rather spend £350 million on the NHS rather than hand it over to the EU, but obviously remainers would not. David Cameron when PM, was busting a gut to get the EU to accept Turkey.

It was the media that claimed the referendum was the largest democratic exercise, blame them if was not true.

Alan Spencer, Swindon

Gloomy claims overdone

Neil Mercer is correct to assert the EU Referendum was legally an advisory vote (SA April 10). However, that simply ignores the promises and assurances which transformed it from being a straightforward legal issue into something more complex. The words of the then Prime Minister added a different dimension, he made it very clear that the Government would honour the referendum result (of course he thought that it would be to remain) and he was joined by the leader of the opposition who said: “This is a one off vote...between staying in the EU or leaving completely.” The leader of the Lib Dems went a step further saying the public have voted and it’s seriously disrespectful and utterly counterproductive to say: “Sorry guys, you’ve got it wrong. We are going to try again”

The key architects in voting down any no-deal Brexit assured the electorate that they would not vote to block Brexit and that they would respect the referendum result. Even Labour’s Keir Starmer a remain voter said: “I would have expected the result to be honoured if we had won”.

Neil fails to see why the current Parliament should have its hands tied because of what the Prime Minister said. To which I would respond by suggesting that we should be leaving the EU (we really should have left already) because it’s what Parliament decided and what Parliament legislated for and what a majority of the British electorate voted for. Parliament voted for a people’s referendum, Parliament voted to invoke Article 50 and Parliament voted for the EU Withdrawal Bill. Is Neil seriously asking the electorate to accept that 17,410,742 voters got it wrong when they voted leave, or that a majority of MPs got it wrong on the three occasions they voted?

For my part, I have little confidence in any politician to manage a sweet shop yet alone govern the country; but I do believe the claims of doom and gloom to be overblown rhetoric and totally unworthy of a sovereign nation which managed perfectly well after the collapse of the ERM and the financial crisis of 2008.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon